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Manning Brothers vs. Williams Sisters New OreoDSRL Commercial

I love the new OreoDSRL commercial featuring Venus, Serena, Eli, and Peyton. It’s a great concept not to mention the girls look great.

Let the rivalry begin!



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The Big 5-0 for Michael Jackson, Madonna, and Prince


Yesterday I saw one of those all to familiar photos of Michael Jackson looking like a man on a mission to the craziest house. The caption of the photo was “Michael Jackson turns 50!” After laughing at the photo, I realized wow MJ, Madonna, and Prince all turned 50 this year. I don’t know about you, but that is mind boggling to me. What’s even more crazy is the fact that MJ at one point ruled the world of music… today Madonna is still vogueing and of course Prince is the MAN!

For a great analysis on their milestones and what it says about us make sure to check out

UPDATE: Michael Jackson Dead at 50

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30 Days of

As mentioned in my previous blog, I started this blog to share a little about myself and my experiences. To date, I have done a great job of sharing my opinion, but I have not been so great at sharing my experiences.

Well, that is about to change… I have decided to blog about Yes you read it right!

After speaking with my 2nd oldest friend in the world, I decided to log on and check it out. A few days later as I was on instant messenger with my good friend in London I decided to sign up for the 3 day trial.

If you ever wanted to know about online dating, feel free to follow my journey. I can not promise that I will blog daily, but I will promise to give you as many details as possible about being Exposed to

Make sure to check my “The Experience” page located at the top of this blog daily for more updates.


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The Price of Rat Meat Has Quadrupled in Cambodia

I started this blog to share my life and experiences; however, I do not think I have done a very good job so far. In fact, I promised myself that I would share something personal this week. It’s been hard for me to share my life stories when I keep coming across the craziest stories like poor people in Asia eating rats. Please read!

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Pregnant woman: Jags’ Northcutt set up assault

Wide receiver allegedly arranged for cousin to harm unborn child, woman

When I came across the above headline, I had an eerie feeling. My first thought was not Dennis… than I thought, here we go again! Do you remember former NFL Carolina Panther Rae Carruth? In 2001, Carruth was found guilty of conspiring to murder his girlfriend and is currently serving a minimum 18 year prison sentence.

Dennis is a good guy and I find it hard to believe what he is being accused of; however, I do not put anything past anyone. His ex-girl who is actually TO’s publicist is a really cool girl and although I didn’t understand them as a couple, I do not want to see Dennis go down over some stupid girl!

Girls Groupies, stop putting yourself in these situations. Athletes, stop messing with these type of women and better yet, Protect Yourself! Stop being Exposed!

For the full Associated Press story, click here.

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Fefe Dobson is BACK! (Fefe vs. Rihanna)

It’s great to hear that Fefe Dobson has made it back on the scene after Rihanna jacked her swagger! Don’t get me wrong, I like Rhianna and further more LOVE Chrianna (Chris Brown and Rhianna couple status), but let’s be real…. everything about Rihanna is Fefe Dobson’s style!

If you don’t know who Fefe is educate yourself. If you didn’t know, Fefe Dobson’s “Watch Me Move” is the theme song to VH1’s The Cho Show.

Feel free to read all about Fefe’s story on Wikipedia. To hear the theme song for The Cho Show click here.

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Who is DJ Shortee?

The BEST female DJ turntablest in the world that’s who…

Playboy’s 50th Anniversary Tour DJ and a world-renowned Turntablest, DJ Shortee is recognized as one of the most diverse and technically skilled female DJs in the world. Her career is highlighted by an unparalleled series of firsts. She is the first and only female ‘World Class Power Mixer’ on Power 106fm (LA) and first female to produce an instructional DJ DVD series among other things. Named “Queen of the Scratch World” by DJ Times, Shortee’s original music has been licensed for the theme song for “MTV Sports Unlimited Axxess” and her remix of India Irie’s “Shine” is the theme song for The Tyra Banks Show. When Shortee is not performing at high profile events for Playboy, New Line Cinemas, Tiffany & Co., Sprite, Frito Lay, and Activision, she is a head professor at The Scratch DJ Academy co-founded by RUN DMC’s Jam Master Jay.

Feel free to visit DJ Shortee’s website at or for more video’s check her out on Youtube.

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