Who is DJ Shortee?

The BEST female DJ turntablest in the world that’s who…

Playboy’s 50th Anniversary Tour DJ and a world-renowned Turntablest, DJ Shortee is recognized as one of the most diverse and technically skilled female DJs in the world. Her career is highlighted by an unparalleled series of firsts. She is the first and only female ‘World Class Power Mixer’ on Power 106fm (LA) and first female to produce an instructional DJ DVD series among other things. Named “Queen of the Scratch World” by DJ Times, Shortee’s original music has been licensed for the theme song for “MTV Sports Unlimited Axxess” and her remix of India Irie’s “Shine” is the theme song for The Tyra Banks Show. When Shortee is not performing at high profile events for Playboy, New Line Cinemas, Tiffany & Co., Sprite, Frito Lay, and Activision, she is a head professor at The Scratch DJ Academy co-founded by RUN DMC’s Jam Master Jay.

Feel free to visit DJ Shortee’s website at www.DJShortee.com or for more video’s check her out on Youtube.


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One response to “Who is DJ Shortee?

  1. Shortee Fan!

    Great video! Great DJ here! I am looking for information about the DJ Debbie “10” dB (decibels?) after she mentioned DJ Shortee in an article, but I can’t find any info about Debbie “10” dB, or any pictures of her either. Does anyone know about her? Her song “Airship” is dope!

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