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DJ Loli’s Debut Single “ShUddUP and Cry”

Life in LoliLand just got crazier now that Loli’s debut single “ShUddUp and Cry” (What? You Think I’m Nuts?) is available on iTunes, Amazon MP3, and

Known as one of the world’s best female DJ’s, the Ukrainian born, Los Angeles transplant has put her headphones down to release her singing debut, “ShUddUp and Cry” on LoliLand Records. A regular on the international club circuit, she has performed in Indonesia, Korea, Russia, and Mexico to name a few. In addition to sharing the stage with some of the biggest DJs in the world including Erick Morillo, DJ Sasha, Bad Boy Bill, Sandra Collins, and Trentemoller, Loli recently finished a world tour with celebrity/musician Tommy Lee.

To hear the new single and to get her complete “ShUddUP and Cry” tour schedule visit or To download the complete press release regarding Loli’s debut single, please visit



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Rumors of M.I.A being Pregnant!

Looks like the rumors are true. M.I.A. is indeed pregnant.

The Paper Planes singer showed up last night at the Diesel NYC Party during T.I’s surprise set with a big belly and is clearly Preggers. She also came out on stage for a short set with N.E.R.D.

M.I.A. recently cancelled her European tour, announced she was retiring and her engagement to Benjamin Brewer.

For Grammy Update CLICK HERE.

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New Touch-Screen Blackberry

I FINALLY get a new phone (Blackberry Curve) and now chatter has started to increase about the new touch-screen Blackberry dubbed the “Thunder” that was supposed to come out earlier this year exclusively for Verizon Wireless. Great…

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Football Betting; The Odds Of Winning On Parlay Betting

Each year for every week of the entire football season, I place a bet. Because I go for it all and always bet a 5 or 6 game Parlay, my odds are very bad. Some weeks I get beside myself and even go for a 7 game parlay. Well, this week was finally my week until… Those DAMN Chicago Bears let the Atlanta Flacons beat them. WHY??

I am good at picking games whether it’s straight bet, on the spread, or on the totals. However, the odds (The True Odds of Parley Bets) are always stacked against me. Talk about Exposed to LIFE Sports.

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My Trip to Disneyland!


I have guests visiting from London and we decided to go to Disneyland. In less than 15 minutes and all within 100 yards, I spent a whooping $69.00 on the admission price for one adult ticket, $7 for the rental of a small locker and $20.00 for food (pasta, bread, and salad). Please explain to me WHY?

Yes, I could have left my belongings in the car and saved on the locker rental. Also, I guess I could have eaten prior to arriving to Disneyland; however, there was no way to avoid the $69.00 to enter the park. Well, maybe I could have stayed at home. Keep in mind none of this includes, souvenirs, candy, and junk food. Oh and did I mention parking.

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Cell Phone vs. Mobile Phone…

Is there a difference?

As I was looking at the evolution of my cell phone, I thought what is the difference between a mobile phone and a cell phone? As someone who is very fugal when it comes to spending money, I have always been a step or two behind when it comes to technology as you can see from the above photo.

In case you were wondering, that photo showcases EVERY cell phone I ever had with the exception of the Motorola two-way pager that I had way back in 2002 or so. Aside from my very first cell phone, I never purchased a phone until last week when I got the Blackberry Curve. You may be wondering why. Well, believe it or not, I have always used others old phones. Weird huh… Well, it never bothered me. Why buy a phone when I can get one for free?

When I got the Blackberry Curve I was still toying with the idea of buying Sprint’s Instinct phone, but for some strange reason I just thought it was too much technology. After all, why would I need a touch screen? Do I really need an iPhone? Will I ever leave Sprint?

Looking at the difference between the cell phone and the mobile phone, one must realize that in the US, a cell phone is a tool and in Europe, a mobile phone is a lifestyle. For me is neither… it’s just a phone!

One of the most pronounced differences between mobile use in the US and Europe is that Europe has a more developed mobile phone culture. Many people in Europe believe their mobile phone to be a fashion statement that says something about you, much like your clothing. In the US, the cell phone is often viewed as a necessary tool rather than something to love. Although people in the US can be just as enthusiastic about mobilizing technology, they often think in terms of shrinking and mobilizing the PC and Internet, rather than growing the cell phone.

For more about cell phones vs. mobile phones and please check out this great blog called Mobile Opportunity.

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Americans Text More Than They Talk

According to a Nielsen Mobile survey American cell phone users are sending more text messages than they are making phone calls. For the second quarter of 2008, U.S. mobile subscribers sent and received on average 357 text messages per month, compared with making and receiving 204 phone calls a month, according to the survey, released Sept. 22. The new statistic is a clear indication that Americans have jumped onto the SMS text bandwagon.

As someone who has always been anti-text, I must admit I have even jumped on the wagon! to some degree, I hate texting especially with men; however, it is convenient at times. Believe it are not, I just got a Blackberry last week.

For more on the story, please click here.

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