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Sunday night I jumped at the chance to see DJ AM, A-Trak, and Steve Aoki DJing at LAX Nightclub in Los Angeles. Although it wasn’t the best night due to the fact that I lost my cell phone, I had a great time hanging out with my good friend DJ Fembot. As a cancellation to losing my phone, I was happy that I had an opportunity to witness Black Eye Peas’s attempt to please the fake hipster crowd at LAX Nightclub.

Overall I give an A for effort and a B- for his performance. As someone who really likes, I admit I expected a flawless performance and I was a bit upset that he used CDJ’s as opposed to Technics 1200’s. As I watched him covered from head to toe in all black including an all black face mask that only gave you a slight glimpse of his eyes, which of course were covered with white-rimmed glasses, I saw a DJ of conviction. was hyped and his song selection was on point most of his set. As I watched him finagle his Serato and CDJ’s I couldn’t help but think he would break his computer stand as he grooved to his on mix. Admittedly, the only real flaw I saw with his set was at times he broke the flow. On some occasions he seemed to either kill the groove or mix a song that just didn’t match up. In fact, he did what I call a “Steve Aoki”. I love what Aoki offers. I like his style, his showmanship, and of course the fact that he breaks songs that simple drive the dance floor into a frenzy. What I don’t like about this guy is sometimes he is all over the place. I saw a small glance of this with

A-Trak’s set started out with a bang and in fact I asked “Is that AM?” There were a few lack-luster moments and at times I thought “what”, but he definitely delivered at the end. As for DJ AM, I have seen him spin at least 15 times and I will NEVER have anything bad to say about that guy. Period! Respect the Technics 1200’s.


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Dub Show Tour At The Los Angeles Convention Center

p1010057 p10100551
p1010049 p1010054

I had the opportunity to attend the Dub Show Tour and concert sponsored by Monster Energy drink this past Sunday thanks to my friends Herman (Dub Mag) and Jackie (MH+L Mag). I will let the pictures speak for the actually car show. As for the concert, it was just as interesting as the show. The lineup had something to offer for the young and old. Ron Brownz, Colby O’Donis, Mateo, Jim Jones, and a special appearnce by MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew Quest all performed on the main stage with special host Aubrey O’Day. Oh and for the “Los Angeles” crowd none other than Ice Cube! Yea Yeah… Even Bishop Magic Don Juan made an appearance. Although I didn’t have an opportunity to see all of the Streetball Superstars basketball game, Streetball Superstars included Air Up There, Professor, AO, and Escalade. Celebrities included Cedric The Entertainer, Kevin Hart, Columbus Short, Arlen Escarpeta and Donald Faison to name a few.

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M.I.A. is Amy Winehouse’s Replacement At Coachella


Great news my Coachella fans. According to the Los Angeles Times, it has been officially annouced that M.I.A. is performing at this years festival in place of Amy Winehouse. Looks like M.I.A. did not waste anytime. How old is that baby?


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Bruce Lee vs. Iron Man

I was watching Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story and I thought to myself, whatever happened to Jason Scott Lee the guy that played Bruce Lee. I also started thinking about Bruce Lee’s kids. I was sure that his son Brandon Lee had died, but I could not remember. Nonetheless, as I was doing research on both Brandon and Jason, I came across and article “Bruce Lee vs. Iron Man = Awesome” and of course their was a video. I think it is pretty cool.


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Video From Biggie’s aka Notorious B.I.G. Last Party Ever

Wow! This video brings back fond memories of this era. From the old school Wu Tang blaring in the background to Ed Lover hosting and talking mess on the microphone. You have to love it! The shot out to 5001 flavors really brought it home for me as I remember when that clothing line was popular. Apparently this video was posted in December, but people have just discovered it. Check out DJ Ace spinning vinyl… Got to love it! The power of Youtube, Wow!

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RARE Video of Michael Jackson, Prince, and James Brown On The Same Stage!

This video is truly a treat for all Michael Jackson, Prince, and James Brown fans. From the comments left on this Youtube video, it’s clear many do not understand that Prince is THE MAN! He showed out it true Prince form. Michael Jackson and James also did their things.

Here is a better version of the video without Prince, but with a little more of James Brown.

And a dance off with all three…

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My Secret To Beautiful Skin? “I SWALLOW.”


A good friend over at Rushing Media sent me an email with an Imedeen advertisement. I was shocked when I read the words “My Secret To Beautiful Skin? I swallow.” I know that advertisements in countries outside the US are more liberal and racy; however, this is crazy. In fact the ad was so crazy I thought it was a fake. Upon further investigation, I did not find any additional Imedeen ads that were as racy, but I did find some ads that I thought definitely pushed the button including the following skin lightening advertisements.

Ladies, would you swallow for beautiful skin?

imedeenpanties imedeenbra1


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