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8-Year-Old Bride…

I was watching CNN and at the bottom I saw something about an 8 year old bride. I clearly dismissed it the first time it scrolled across the scene as I was not paying that much attention. When it appeared the second time I said WTF! Apparently, a court in Saudi Arabia has granted an 8-year-old girl a divorce from her 47-year-old husband, after twice denying previous requests. As a part of the marriage agreement the father of the girl stipulated that the marriage would not be consummated until she was 18. Ironically, the 8-year-old bride lives with her mother and was never told that she was married.

Source: CNN


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So, You Don’t Get Twitter… 60% Of You May Be Twitter Quitters


According to a Neilsen Report released today, a full 60% of Twitter users who sign up fail to return to the website the following month. From February 2008 to February 2009 Twitter growth was a reportedly 1382% surpassing all other social networking websites including MySpace. Although it seems that many people are Twittering, Twitter faces an uphill battle in making sure new users are enticed to return and continue using the service. Based on my own experience, I personally do not get the need for people to share so much. Talk about Exposed To LIFE TMI… “Too Much Information!”


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Lil Wayne Tops Oprah and Obama on Time Magazine’s Most Influential List for 2009


First the Swine Flu, now Time’s Magazines clearly bogus World’s Most Influential Person list. Maybe I am living under a rock, but can someone please explain to me how little Wayne is influencing the world in a “positive” way. Better yet, can someone tell me who Time Magazine polled?????

Moot a 21-year-old college student and founder of the online community tops the list this year. WHO IS MOOT? Why is T-Pain even on the list and above our president? The govenator known as Arnold even crack the list… WHY? All he has done is continue to run business out of California and mismanage funds. Is that what people call being influential? Tina Fey… I like her, but top 100? Okay!

I can go on and on with my questions; however, I want as it is clear, this list is BOGUS.


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KFC Introduces New Bird-Flu Dipping Vaccine


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Ex-NBA Star Jayson Williams Tasered By NYPD

Jayson Williams 2 SMJAYS O'BOYLE

Some people never get it together. Money, power, riches, and fame and yet there is that one thing that cannot be shook. Loneliness… Despair… Lack of a sense of purpose in life… No one really knows what makes a person want to kill them shelf; however, we may soon find out what was going through Jayson Williams mind when an elite special police unit trained to deal with emotionally disturbed people handcuffed and used a Taser on Jayson Williams before taking him to the psychiatric ward. Apparently, several suicide notes were found after a female friend of Jayson’s called the police on him because he was acting “suicidal” and “violent” in his room.

If you recall, several years ago Jayson was involved in an “accidental” shooting in which he was tried on charges of gunning down a 55-year-old limousine driver. He was acquitted on most of the more serious charges and settled out of court with the family in a wrongful death civil lawsuit for $2.75 million; however, it seems that the universe has spoke. Karma is a B*tch!


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Chester French “Ciroc Star” feat. P. Diddy and Jada Kiss

I am not sure how I feel about this Clinton Sparks exclusive. Chester French, Puffy, Jada Kiss, ummmmm….. no comment! That’s not saying I don’t like it… just no comment! Exposed to LIFE P. Diddy!

p.s. For those who don’t know “Ciroc” is a Vodka that Puffy aka P. Diddy is “affiliated” with. I heard he doesn’t really on it, but who knows.


UPDATE: I think I like it… thanks to Jada’s verse.

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Andy, Akiva and T-Pain – “I’m On A Boat”

I wonder who paid for this video!

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