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Who Gets Robbed At Church?


I know that we are in a recession, but I would assume people have some safety in the church! Police said the a woman reached over and took cash from a church goers purse while the owner was praying at Our Lady of Hope Roman Catholic Church in Westbury, NY. I am sure she was praying for health, prosperity, and her family, NOT about avoiding GETTING ROBBED at church! Luckily an usher saw the theft, and officers were on hand to stop the woman as she left the church.



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Twitter Quietly Rolls Out Changes To It’s Interface On “Following” and “Followers”.

twitter interface

In the wake of Facebook changing its privacy policy, Twitter has quietly rolled out changes to its user interface on the “Following” and “Followers” page. The changes are supposed to make it easier to manage who you follow and to take actions, such as @replying or direct messaging; however, only time will tell. In addition, we all know how resistant people can be with change.


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Facebook Messages Going Public… WTF!


The New York Times is reporting that Facebook messages are about to go public by default and that this is one of the most anticipated days in the history of social networking. Facebook has already begun making status messages, photos and videos visible to the public at large by default instead of being visible only to a user’s approved friends. What’s not clear is whether or not you can prevent this from happening or whether or not you should delete your account to be safe. For more on the story make sure to check Facebook’s privacy terms and to read the NY Times article.


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News outlets are reporting that Jeff Goldblum died today. Reports are stating that he fell to his death while filming in New Zealand on the set of a new movie.

UPDATE: The fact that they are saying Harrison ford is also dead, it is save to say this is a rumor! Thank god…

This is crazy as I just audited an acting class at Playhouse West an acting school he co-founded.

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Breaking News: Michael Jackson Has suffered Cardiac Arrest! DEAD AT 50!

WOW… this is VERY sad news… Los Angeles local news KTLA is reporting that singer Michael Jackson has been rushed to UCLA Medical Center by ambulance suffering from cardiac arrest and was not breathing when the paramedics arrived.

UPDATE: LA Times, CNN, etc are reporting that Michael Jackson is Dead!

I never thought I would be as upset as I am about the news of Michael Jackson passing, but right now I am very upset… many of you know that I have tix to see him in London and I was so happy! For those of you that thought he was a weirdo… as someone who is often called a weirdo myself… F*CK YOU!

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The Alisa Reyes Show on Blog Talk Radio


Please be sure to tune in TODAY (June 24th @ 11:00AM PST) for The Alisa Reyes Show on Blog Talk Radio. The Alisa Reyes Theme Song was produced by Will Gill of MTV Real World: Hollywood and it was co-written by Alisa, Will, and FIRE House Management who also serves as Excutive Producer of both The Alisa Reyes Show and Alisa’s Adventures.

For a sneak peak of Alisa’s Adventures, make sure to check out Alisa Reyes’ Red Carpet Interviews.

To find out more about Alisa Reyes log on to To learn more about Will Gill and FIRE House Management, log on to or

You may also follow Alisa, Will, and FIRE House Management on Twitter.

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FREE POLO… Black Eyed Peas’ Manager Is Arrested For Perez Hilton’s Blackeye and New Cell Phone Video Footage!


I asked this question on Twitter… What’s more important the DC Metro train crash or the Iran protests? Better yet, Chris Browns 5 year probation sentence or Perez Hilton’s black eye… clearly, the Perez Hilton story will not die especially with TMZ’s new cell phone video footage; however, this is my very last time blogging about it.

Looks like Polo, the Black Eyed Pea’s manager turned himself in to Toronto police. It is believed that he surrendered because officials threatened not to let the group leave the country until they got to the bottom of the mess with Perez Hilton. Out of fear of not being able to keep previously scheduled tour stops, Polo took one for the team and turned himself in. FREE POLO!!! Boom Boom POW!

BTW, is it okay for a flamboyant gay guy (Perez) to call an eccentric guy (Will.I.AM) a faggot?? Help me understand this. Even if Will.I.AM was gay, is it okay for gay people to use the word fag?


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