FREE POLO… Black Eyed Peas’ Manager Is Arrested For Perez Hilton’s Blackeye and New Cell Phone Video Footage!


I asked this question on Twitter… What’s more important the DC Metro train crash or the Iran protests? Better yet, Chris Browns 5 year probation sentence or Perez Hilton’s black eye… clearly, the Perez Hilton story will not die especially with TMZ’s new cell phone video footage; however, this is my very last time blogging about it.

Looks like Polo, the Black Eyed Pea’s manager turned himself in to Toronto police. It is believed that he surrendered because officials threatened not to let the group leave the country until they got to the bottom of the mess with Perez Hilton. Out of fear of not being able to keep previously scheduled tour stops, Polo took one for the team and turned himself in. FREE POLO!!! Boom Boom POW!

BTW, is it okay for a flamboyant gay guy (Perez) to call an eccentric guy (Will.I.AM) a faggot?? Help me understand this. Even if Will.I.AM was gay, is it okay for gay people to use the word fag?



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