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Serena Williams Foot Fault


WOW! I have never seen Serena that angry. Playing on a wild card in just her third tournament since coming out of retirement and after breezing past China’s 18th seed Li Na winning 6-2 6-4, Kim Clijsters stunned Venus Williams in the third round. Unfortunately, Kim has gone on to beat Serena on a “questionable” foot call, which lead to Serena exchanging words with the chair umpire and ultimately losing match point and the game 6-4, 7-5. Serena definitely dropped a few F bombs and I am not making any excuses; however, until you have played competitively, most people will never understand how sometimes your anger gets the best of you. It is VERY easy to lose your composure when playing a sport. I am sure that “they” will spin the story out of control similar to the LeBron James story when he refused to speak after losing the Eastern finals last year.

During the press conference following the match, when asked whether or not it would be a point penalty for exchanging words with the chair ref, she said “she did not think about it.” After several silly questions, one struck a chord with her prompting her to say “that’s the craziest question I have ever heard. Another reporter asked Serena yet another over complicated dumb question, Serena responded “Honestly, I don’t understand your question.” The analyst from CBS that was covering the story then cut to commercial, but not before saying Serena was being Evasive. I thought she handled herself well considering most of the questions were DUMB!


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Steve Aoki “I’m In The House” Feat. [[[Zuper Blahq]]]

Vodpod videos no longer available.

LOVE this video from two of my kindergarden crushes Steve Aoki and Zuper Blahq. I see you Will!

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Actress Essence Atkins Meets Fiancé on


The date has been set! Actress Essence Atkins of UPN’s Half and Half is set to marry the love of her life Jaime Mendez on September 26th. On Valentine’s Day Essence decided to send Jaime an email message. Nothing strange about that… other than some may be a bit curious as to why this beautiful actress (by most men’s standards) was surfing looking for compatibility.

After discovering she was 97% compatible with Jaime on the website, Essence decided to contact him on Valentine’s Day 2008 and the pair began a whirlwind romance. Just one year later after their first meeting, Jaime proposed and now the pair is preparing to walk down the aisle.

For those that follow my blog, you may know I started blogging really to tell my experiment, “ the EXPERIENCE“. Most people find my story witty, interesting, but more importantly funny. I try to always find the humor in my sometimes quirky life experiences. I was not looking for love when I signed up for For me it was and still remains an “experiment.” However, I think the site can be a useful tool for those that are looking for something.

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Designer Melody Ehsani On Keri Hilson’s Style

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I am glad to see Melody getting a bit more recognition for her designs. Melody is one of the sweetest people I know in the industry. Please be sure to check out her website

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Chargers Linebacker Shawne Merriman Arrested for Allegedly Choking Tila Tequila


Shawne Merriman was arrested early Sunday for allegedly choking and restraining television reality show Tila Tequila according to deputies. She claimed to have been choked and restrained by Merriman when she attempted to leave his house. She signed a citizen’s arrest at the scene, charging Merriman with battery and false imprisonment.

The story is still developing, but because I have heard several “wild” stories about this guy from reliable sources and I have witness some of his foolishness, I don’t find this story hard to believe; however, Tila is what she is, so who knows what really happened. SMH!

Is Tila Lying? – Check out how she claims she is allergic to alcohol and was not drunk, but the Sherrifs report she was… Source


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DJ AM, Mike Epps & Kobe Bryant Nike Commercial

I LOVE it!

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Oregon States LeGarrett Blount Suspension


I was wondering how this would play out and after watching the press conference on ESPN, I must say that I am somewhat pleased with the outcome. I definitely was in favor of him being suspended, especially since this is his second incident. Regardless, I am extremely pleased at how the head coach handled himself and the words he shared during the press conference.

I like the fact that instead of throwing this young man under the bus after he clearly made a mistake, the coach and college rallied behind him and collectively decided to help and counsel this young man for his action. What really was impressive was when Coach Chip Kelly said “Blount will remain on scholarship.” Unlike with the Michael Vick and Chris Brown situation, I think LeGarrett Blount’s punishment was suitable… I am not condoning domestic violence or animal cruelty, but I disagreed with the punishment given to both Chris and Vick.

For those that don’t know, Blount punched Boise State’s Byron Hout in the face after Oregon lost the game. Then, Blount put a fist to the helmet of Ducks’ teammate Garrett Embry, who was trying to play peacemaker. He then left the field struggling with two police officers and two stadium security guards with Ducks assistant Scott Frost being caught up in the chaos. Blount also had a hostile brush with a Boise State fan.

For more on the LeGarrett Blount suspension, please click here.

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