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University Seeks “Lap Dance Research Officer”

Leeds University is advertising a position in the School of Sociology and Social Policy for: “Research Officer – The rise and regulation of lap dancing and the place of sexual labour and consumption in the night time economy”. Before you take the leep over the pond, please note the advertisment goes on to say “prior experience of conducting research in the female sex industry” is essential. The best part of the job is the researchers will interview 300 erotic dancers in two northern English towns, as well as other industry figures including management and regulators.

WOW, I think this just may be the perfect job for any man alive!




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Scary: Women Finds Long Lost Dad Who Is Now A She

Could you imagine looking for your long lost father only to find that he is now a she? Even if you got over that part, could you get over the fact that your dad just may be the worst looking woman alive???? YIKES!

For the full story click here.

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Lady GaGa Fails Down During Concert in Canada

You have to love lady GaGa… Yes, she fail, but she got right back up!

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“Kobe Special” – Tiger Woods

Leave it to TMZ to find a confidential informant to give a blow by blow account of everything that went on between Tiger Woods and his wife. TMZ’s source (a so-called friend of Tiger Woods), has been spilling the beans and dishing on his/her conversation with Tiger about his supposedly domestic dispute situation.

According to this so-called friend, during their phone conversation on Friday, Tiger said, “I have to run to Zales to get a ‘Kobe Special.” The friend asked Tiger what a “Kobe Special” was and Tiger replied — “A house on a finger.” I doubt very seriously Tiger is running to Zales to buy any jewelry, but I can say that I have heard the term “a Kobe” used many times by a few of my friends involved in professional sports. However, I have never heard the term used in reference to “a house on a finger.”

Until we hear Tiger actually come out and state what really happened, it is all “allegedly.” If all the stories that have been leaked are true and coming from a friend, it’s sad. As I have always said, there is no such thing as a secret once you share it with someone else including a friend. My motto is simple, you should never share anything you do not want repeated as it is natural for people to talk. If you tell someone something, they are more than likely to repeat it. Unfortunately, you just hope that they do not repeat it to TMZ.

For those that need more information and a up to the minute detail account on the tiger Woods saga, make the jump over to

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Dubai Inc. $80 Billion In The Red, Request Debt “Standstill”

I came across this story a few days ago and prior to the widely reported news reports. I meant to post it, but got so busy I forgot. Now I see that the main stream media has picked it up. I found the story of interest because last week when I was in Las Vegas I was talking to a few friends that are prioperty owners regarding their concerns on the completion of Center Center, which is a new development on the Las Vegas strip. apparently, because of the lack of financing, there have been many delays with the completion of this multi-million dollar complex. The lack of financing is all tied in with Dubai. For more on how Dubai’s money woes affect Las Vegas, read the full story here.


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QUIRKY: Want DD Breast, Try The Push-Button Bra!

I cannot understand any of the words from the video, but it’s safe to assume that you buy this bra, push a button and get big tits!

According to the article, the announcer states it’s every woman’s dream to have a bigger cup size. The commercial suggests that the She’s Mine bra should be set to “a B-cup for work, a C-cup for shopping, and a D-cup for partying.” The annoucer also goes on to say that people in Europe aare going wild for this bra and that the bra’s magic lies in its patented “God’s Hand” technology and it’s also made of a space-age fabric impregnated with minerals that generate ultraviolet light improving blood circulation, and in turn glandular health.

Source: Weird Asia News

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Happy Gobble Gobble…

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