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Kelly Kulick Makes History As The First Lady EVER To Win The PBA (Bowling) Tour

As a PBA member and as someone who grew up bowling, it is a treat to see Kelly Kulick become the first female winner on the PBA Tour.

Kelly actually outscored a male bowler 265-195 to take home the $40,000 first prize and a two-year PBA Tour exemption. A right hander, the 32-year-old earned a berth in the Tournament of Champions by winning the PBA Women’s World Championship last September.

To date, all I have received from the PBA was a “200 Bowler” magnet. haha…
In honor of her accomplishment, I am going to bowl a 220 today! At least I am going to try.


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Oreo Double Stuf Racing League (DSRL): Trump vs. The Mannings

There is another battle brewing! It’s going down today 1.24.10! From previous posts, it is clear I am a big fan of the Manning brothers and the Williams sister. “Mannings vs. Trumps in a battle that promises excitement, intensity and a whole lotta Golden Double Stuf Oreos. This is gonna be huge.”

I absolutely love the marketing campaign that Oreo has created and think it is GENIUS! The campaign is both attention grabbing and memorable. The timing is great and I cannot wait to see who the Williams sisters will battle next. Stay tuned…

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What The Buck?!

This guy talks fast, but his show is hilarious. Make sure to check Buck out on YouTube or at!

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Nabisco 100 Calorie “Diet Like A Diva” With Venus and Serena Williams

Snack Like A Diva!

For more information and videos of the girls click here.

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MUSIC: M.I.A. Space Odyssey

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Pronouncing The Year 2010: ‘Twenty Ten’ vs. ‘Two Thousand Ten’

There seems to be an ongoing debut among experts about how to pronouce the year 2010. It is assummed coming off of two “thousand nine,” that people will probably say “two thousand ten.” However, the National Association of Good Grammar (NAGG) has decided to step in and let the masses know that 2010 should officially be pronounced “twenty ten” and all subsequent years should be pronounced as “twenty eleven,” “twenty twelve,” etc. Contray to NAGG, David Crystal, author of the Cambridge Encyclopedia of the English Language has predicted that the change of pronunciation to “twenty X” will not occur until 2011. He believes in 2011 people will say “twenty eleven,” because the way people pronounce years depends on rhythm, rather than logic. He also claims that the rhythm or “flow” of “two thousand and ten,” beats that of “twenty ten,” but the flow of “twenty eleven” beats “two thousand and eleven.”

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Ralph Lauren Ad… TOO SKINNY!

What man would want a woman this skinny? In fact, as women why would you want to look this skinny? As a thin woman I often feel extremely sorry for women who think this is acceptable and strive to be this thin. Often times if I am out and about shopping or trying on clothes other women will comment on my size. Comments include “you are the perfect size”, “because you are so small I am sure you can wear just about anything”, “I wish I was your size”, “what are you about a size 2”, etc. Believe it or not the latter quote was from an attorney in the business affairs department that was interviewing me for a position at a well established company.

I am 5’8 and I way roughly 130 pounds. I spent most of 2009 trying to gain 10 pounds as my goal was to be 140. That’s 140 pounds of muscle… I did reach 138, but my pants were becoming too tight and I was not interested in buying a new wardrobe as I like most of my clothes that I have now. In fact when I tell people that I am a solid size 4 and often wear 6’s they are in utter shock as they expect me to wear a size 0. My point is, I am thin and I couldn’t imagine being any thinner.

Ads like the one from Ralph Lauren send out a terrible message to young women. I think it is unacceptable and I am happy to learn that the U.K.’s Committee of Advertising Practice has been thinking about taking action on regulations governing Photoshopped ads targeted at girls younger than 16. These images are unrealistic for young women as well as women of a certain age. Continue reading

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