Me Enjoying LIFE!

Me Enjoying LIFE!

Welcome world! “Exposed to LIFE” will follow my personal experiences while taking a look at current news, pop culture, music, celebrity LIFE, hot topics and more. I chose the name “Exposed to LIFE” because I am fascinated with the twist and turns we have been exposed (unprotected, uncovered, vulnerable, visible, etc) to as we experience LIFE.

Why blog you may ask… Well, my LIFE is very interesting as I have been told. I have also been told that I should write for a living. As much as I like to bump my gums (talk), I have always been very nervous and to be honest afraid to share too much of my LIFE or personal thoughts. As I figure this thing out called LIFE, I have decided to give those who are interested a glimpse into how I have been “Exposed to LIFE”. After all, being over exposed sets you up for some good stories to tell!

I hope you enjoy my journey through LIFE!



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