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Indianapolis Colts Supern Fan: Matt Ellis aka The Tattoo Man

One word… “CRAZY”! Matt Ellis pursuit to have all the Colts from the Super Bowl 2006 team signatures tattooed on his body is nothing short of nuts; however, you have to admire this guys drive. Upper Deck’s “NFL Ultimate Fan 2009”, Matt just recently got his 34th and 35th tattoo from the Super Bowl champs live on ESPN while comedians Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, Kevin James, Rob Schneider, David Spade, and other fans looked on.

For more on his quest, follow him on Twitter at or simple Google the guy. It’s clear to say this guy takes the word “fan” to a whole new level.


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Kelly Kulick Makes History As The First Lady EVER To Win The PBA (Bowling) Tour

As a PBA member and as someone who grew up bowling, it is a treat to see Kelly Kulick become the first female winner on the PBA Tour.

Kelly actually outscored a male bowler 265-195 to take home the $40,000 first prize and a two-year PBA Tour exemption. A right hander, the 32-year-old earned a berth in the Tournament of Champions by winning the PBA Women’s World Championship last September.

To date, all I have received from the PBA was a “200 Bowler” magnet. haha…
In honor of her accomplishment, I am going to bowl a 220 today! At least I am going to try.

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Oreo Double Stuf Racing League (DSRL): Trump vs. The Mannings

There is another battle brewing! It’s going down today 1.24.10! From previous posts, it is clear I am a big fan of the Manning brothers and the Williams sister. “Mannings vs. Trumps in a battle that promises excitement, intensity and a whole lotta Golden Double Stuf Oreos. This is gonna be huge.”

I absolutely love the marketing campaign that Oreo has created and think it is GENIUS! The campaign is both attention grabbing and memorable. The timing is great and I cannot wait to see who the Williams sisters will battle next. Stay tuned…

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Nabisco 100 Calorie “Diet Like A Diva” With Venus and Serena Williams

Snack Like A Diva!

For more information and videos of the girls click here.

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“Kobe Special” – Tiger Woods

Leave it to TMZ to find a confidential informant to give a blow by blow account of everything that went on between Tiger Woods and his wife. TMZ’s source (a so-called friend of Tiger Woods), has been spilling the beans and dishing on his/her conversation with Tiger about his supposedly domestic dispute situation.

According to this so-called friend, during their phone conversation on Friday, Tiger said, “I have to run to Zales to get a ‘Kobe Special.” The friend asked Tiger what a “Kobe Special” was and Tiger replied — “A house on a finger.” I doubt very seriously Tiger is running to Zales to buy any jewelry, but I can say that I have heard the term “a Kobe” used many times by a few of my friends involved in professional sports. However, I have never heard the term used in reference to “a house on a finger.”

Until we hear Tiger actually come out and state what really happened, it is all “allegedly.” If all the stories that have been leaked are true and coming from a friend, it’s sad. As I have always said, there is no such thing as a secret once you share it with someone else including a friend. My motto is simple, you should never share anything you do not want repeated as it is natural for people to talk. If you tell someone something, they are more than likely to repeat it. Unfortunately, you just hope that they do not repeat it to TMZ.

For those that need more information and a up to the minute detail account on the tiger Woods saga, make the jump over to

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Serena Williams Foot Fault


WOW! I have never seen Serena that angry. Playing on a wild card in just her third tournament since coming out of retirement and after breezing past China’s 18th seed Li Na winning 6-2 6-4, Kim Clijsters stunned Venus Williams in the third round. Unfortunately, Kim has gone on to beat Serena on a “questionable” foot call, which lead to Serena exchanging words with the chair umpire and ultimately losing match point and the game 6-4, 7-5. Serena definitely dropped a few F bombs and I am not making any excuses; however, until you have played competitively, most people will never understand how sometimes your anger gets the best of you. It is VERY easy to lose your composure when playing a sport. I am sure that “they” will spin the story out of control similar to the LeBron James story when he refused to speak after losing the Eastern finals last year.

During the press conference following the match, when asked whether or not it would be a point penalty for exchanging words with the chair ref, she said “she did not think about it.” After several silly questions, one struck a chord with her prompting her to say “that’s the craziest question I have ever heard. Another reporter asked Serena yet another over complicated dumb question, Serena responded “Honestly, I don’t understand your question.” The analyst from CBS that was covering the story then cut to commercial, but not before saying Serena was being Evasive. I thought she handled herself well considering most of the questions were DUMB!

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Chargers Linebacker Shawne Merriman Arrested for Allegedly Choking Tila Tequila


Shawne Merriman was arrested early Sunday for allegedly choking and restraining television reality show Tila Tequila according to deputies. She claimed to have been choked and restrained by Merriman when she attempted to leave his house. She signed a citizen’s arrest at the scene, charging Merriman with battery and false imprisonment.

The story is still developing, but because I have heard several “wild” stories about this guy from reliable sources and I have witness some of his foolishness, I don’t find this story hard to believe; however, Tila is what she is, so who knows what really happened. SMH!

Is Tila Lying? – Check out how she claims she is allergic to alcohol and was not drunk, but the Sherrifs report she was… Source


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