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Santogold is #7 on the Billboard Electronic Music Chart!

Santogold remains #7 on the Billboard Electronic Album Chart after a #2 debut 17 weeks ago. It appears that while the Converse sponsorship and commercial with N.E.R.D’s Pharrel and other artists has boosted Santogold’s career, it has not done enough for Santogold to take the #1 spot currently held by M.I.A’s album “Kala” which has been on the charts for 53 weeks and counting.

I really like Santogold, so hopefully the album “Santogold” will make another push on the charts.


p.s. Why is Hannah Montana on the Electronic chart as #10? Did I miss something? Why is this classified as Electronic music????


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M.I.A Exposed for Questionable Use of Lyrics?

I came across an interesting press release on Billboard Publicity Wire that I wanted to share. As some one that is intrigued with “freedom of speech”, I am a bit torn by the apparent publicity stunt that this press release is attempting to pull off. In one respect, I completed agree with the artists DeLon’s right to produce what he is calling “an educational video containing graphic evidence of M.I.A’s imagery…” and possible ties to terriost organizations, but than on the other hand is he using her to gain his on publicist????? Was M.I.A. Exposed or has she just been Exposed to LIFE?????

For more information about his controversial remix of M.I.A’s “Paper Plans”, which is featured in the movie Pineapple Express and how Universal Music Group (UMG) had his video removed from Youtube download the press release here. To view DeLon’s video visit www.ceylonrecords.com.

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