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Twitter Dee or Twitter Dum? Do You Really Understand The Value of Twitter.com?

I decided to expand on my social networking knowledge and spent a considerable about of time today surfing the net for information. In doing so, I came across several great articles about blogging, Twitter, Digg, Alexa, Reddit, and several other viable internet tools used today. One article I found to be particular helpful was on how to use Twitter for both fun and profit. Because I don’t live under a rock (ha ha), I have heard about Twitter, but until today I had not signed up for an account.

Twitter looks very simple; however, at first glance I really did not see the value of it. My first impression was, great another place where people waste their time posting about their every move. Since there has been a lot of talk about how Barak Obama’s team used Twitter while campaigning, I figured there has to be more to it. Well, apparently there is. According to an article I read on Suite101.com, below are the top ten uses of Twitter:

1. Real-time updates for threatening weather or other natural disasters. According to PC World’s article “Eight Ways Twitter Will Change your Life” (November 2008, page 20) by Dan Tynan, people are using Twitter to give others updates on weather and earthquakes.
2. Drive traffic to web sites.
3. Promote products and services. Twittering is direct marketing at its optimum.
4. Crisis communications.
5. Spotting customer service problems immediately.
6. Journalists use Twitter to disseminate breaking news in seconds after it happens.
7. Finding employment. Job seekers are using Twitter to find their perfect jobs in their location of choice.
8. Finding employees. Looking for a social media expert? More than likely you can find one using Twitter.
9. Make tweetups in an instant. A group of tweeters can meet at a real life location and that location and time can be broadcast using Twitter.
10. Tweet-on-the-street news reports. Twitterers are sending news reports from location to television stations. News reports from those on the street in the midst of the breaking news are sending reports back to national news shows.



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My 60th Blog Post on New Years Eve 2008


The title states it all. It’s New Years Eve and this is my 60th blog post. Like most people, I am hyped for the New Year. For me it is more about the fact I just hate the last week of the year. I hate it for several reasons, but mainly because the world is on holiday hours. Silly right! I know… I feel as if everyone is busy preparing for the New Year and the way I see it, it’s just another day.

I never set a New Year resolution; however, I have made some plans. I am sure you are wondering what’s next. Well, I have intentions to blog a bit more. As I start my personal branding campaign for 2009, I hope to share my experiences and have a bit more direction regarding topics covered on “Exposed To LIFE”. I also have plans to take my company FIRE House Management (www.FIREHouseManagement.com) in a different direction.

There are many topics that I want to cover on my blog, but more importantly I really want to tie in my personal experiences on my personal branding journey and updates with the progress of my company. As I talk more about those things, I promise to continue to post other information such as celebrity updates, hot topics, music news, useful information and other things that we are Exposed To in LIFE.

Thank you for all the support and for reading my thoughts and comments. Have a great New Years celebration and I look forward to posting more exciting information in 2009!

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How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days! My 30 days of Match.com continues…

Unlike the romantic comedy How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days I can not say that I have a happy ending to my story. For those who have been following my experiment, I am sorry so much time has passed since my last blog entry.

As you are aware, I met a guy (LA1) that somewhat sparked my interest. One of the main reason’s why I have not blogged is because I have been on a wild ride hanging out with LA1.

For more details please make sure to check my Match.com “The Experience” page located at the top of this blog.

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Match.com Day 3: Last Day of Free Trial

Ok I am convinced, Match.com is broken! My profile must be mixed up with someone else. Is the email working? I have sent out about 15 emails and I have not received one return email.

Finally, someone knows I exist and I receive a few unsolicited emails. Since I was running out of luck with LA men, I decided to contact men in NY. There is nothing like a NY man. Well apparently, they are not interested either. Ha haaa…

I had one guy email me and state point blank:

thanks for the wink. i see your in CA!
obviously it will not work out since i’m in NY.
i wish you well in your search and your travels.
happy Labor day!!

Another guy emailed me and said:

Your profile is cool but not
really sure if we match well
but I’m always willing to talk to anyone
who’s a “24” fan lol.

Make sure to check my Match.com “The Experience” page located at the top of this blog daily for more updates.

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30 Days of Match.com???

As mentioned in my previous blog, I started this blog to share a little about myself and my experiences. To date, I have done a great job of sharing my opinion, but I have not been so great at sharing my experiences.

Well, that is about to change… I have decided to blog about Match.com. Yes you read it right!

After speaking with my 2nd oldest friend in the world, I decided to log on and check it out. A few days later as I was on instant messenger with my good friend in London I decided to sign up for the 3 day trial.

If you ever wanted to know about online dating, feel free to follow my journey. I can not promise that I will blog daily, but I will promise to give you as many details as possible about being Exposed to Match.com.

Make sure to check my Match.com “The Experience” page located at the top of this blog daily for more updates.


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I Don’t Want Your LIFE

Sophie Monk

Sophie Monk

Idontwantyourlife.com is a blog where anything goes. Although Idontwantyourlife.com is a bit graphic, it is also refreshing. Unlike most blogs that mainly cover the same celebrity gossip, the writer of this blog dares to give a no holds barred, straight from the hip, honest opinion.

Comments like this on the above photo of Sophie Monk (Australian Pop Singer, Click, Date Movie) are constantly expressed.

“It might be time to take a weed whacker to that sh*t.”

You have to love this blogging thing especially a blog that has “Sticks and Stones Love” as a motto. Blogging allows people to say want they want, when they want, and how they want. Exposed to LIFE and BLOGGING!

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LIFE as a Blogger????

Welcome world! “Exposed to LIFE” will follow some of my personal experiences in LIFE as well as take a look at LIFE in general. I chose the name “Exposed to LIFE” because I am fascinated with the twist and turns we have been exposed (unprotected, uncovered, vulnerable, visible, etc) to as we experience LIFE.

Why blog you may ask… Well, my life is very interesting as I have been told. I have also been told that I should write for a living. As much as I like to bump my gums (talk), I have always been very nervous and to be honest afraid to share too much of my LIFE or personal thoughts. As I figure this thing out called LIFE, I have decided to give those who are interested a glimpse into how I have been “Exposed to LIFE”. After all, being over exposed sets you up for some good stories to tell!

I hope you enjoy my journey through LIFE!

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