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Adam “DJ AM” Goldstein Found Dead – RIP

wmc_2008 038

I have not posted in a while, but as soon as I heard the news I felt compelled to write something. I admit I have stated many times that I was a self-proclaimed DJ AM GROUPIE! I have seen AM on more than a few occasions DJing. I have seen him at his best and on days when I thought he was lack-luster, but I always remained a big fan. My memories are very vivid of seeing him spin in cities such as Las Vegas, Miami, and Los Angeles. People would always ask me why was DJ AM in my top 3 DJ’s and I would simple say until you have witnessed his A game you have no idea.

As the story develops I will continue to update this post. TMZ is reporting that drug paraphernalia was found at the scene and that he had been dead for a possibly a couple of days. As you may be aware, AM was shooting his MTV show on Rehab and in fact had spent some time recovering from drugs, so I hope this is not true. Also, a little know fact is that AM actually had Gastric Bypass surgery after gaining a tremendous amount of weight. For me, I am in disbelief that a guy can survive all the things he has including a plane crash and end up dead in his prime. Such a waste!

Some of my past posts about DJ AM:

Will.i.am DJed At LAX Nightclub With DJ AM, A-Trak, and Steve Aoki!

DJ AM and legendary DJ Jazzy Jeff – VIDEO

DJ AM and Travis Barker involved in Plane Crash

Some of my memories per my Twitter posts:

DJ AM memory: hanging out w/ my girl @djRashida and Prince watching AM spin w/ @djjazzyjeff215 – Wow does it get better…

RT @deejayspider RIP DJ AM – You were a huge inspiration to me & part of the reason I do what I do today <- I remember the Rockstar contest

I have so many DJ AM memories… I can go on and on city to city… but I will leave it at RIP DJ AM!

DJ AM memory: remember I was in Vegas w/ @IamLaurin & they wanted to go to some club, but I had to go see DJ AM at PURE. I danced ALL NIGHT!

DJ AM memory: remember dancing ALL night w/ @AtLargeDJs (Michelle) at WMC 2007 @ Cameo watchin AM @djirie (he KILLED IT) & @steveaoki

DJ AM memory: remember dancing ALL night w/ @AtLargeDJs (Michelle) at WMC 2008 watchin AM w/ @djjazzyjeff215 & @steveaoki

My DJ AM memories… I remember I lost my new red blackberry at LAX the night I went to see him @atrak @steveaoki @iamtherealwill

@MsEthnicity they are saying drug paraphernalia was found at the scene. sadly he was filming an MTV show about Rehab!

VERY upset about the DJ AM news…. it's a waste!

This is @DJ_AM last tweet “New york, new york. Big city of dreams, but everything in new york aint always what it seems.”

Note: The picture above is from Winter Music Conference 2008. I had the please of seeing him



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BREAKING NEWS: Steve McNair Found Dead


This week has just been crazy with all the deaths. ESPN is reporting that Steve McNair was found dead of a gunshoot wound to the head. He was shot along with a young lady. Story is still developing.

CNN is now reporting that a law enforcement source close to the investigation said the woman is McNair’s girlfriend and that the residence where the two were found dead is her condominium in downtown Nashville.

My only question is, where was his wife?


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News outlets are reporting that Jeff Goldblum died today. Reports are stating that he fell to his death while filming in New Zealand on the set of a new movie.

UPDATE: The fact that they are saying Harrison ford is also dead, it is save to say this is a rumor! Thank god…

This is crazy as I just audited an acting class at Playhouse West an acting school he co-founded.

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