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FeFe Dobson Video On The Disney Channel

Vodpod videos no longer available.

WOW, this morning I was watching the Disney channel… well let’s just say the Disney channel was on and all of a sudden I heard this familiar voice signing, so I pealed my eyes from my computer screen and slightly titled my head to see Ms. FeFe Dobson rocking out. At first I was not sure if it was a video or whether it was a scene from a Disney show. After further investigation, I realized it was a video. Immediately I wanted to repost the video on my blog and to my surprise someone had already left a comment about it. Unfortunately, instead of leaving the comment on my previous blog, Fefe Dobson is BACK! (Fefe vs. Rhianna), they posted the comment in the “About Me” section, so I have reposted the comment below:

It’s been quite a while since we’ve seen or heard of Canadian rocker Fefe Dobson.

Finally, after a nearly 5 year hiatus Fefe is finally back with her second album, entitled Joy.

Since being dropped by her label Fefe has written for many notable musicians, including Miley Cyrus’ hit single ‘Start All Over’. Her song ‘Don’t Let It Go To Your Head’ from the album Sunday Love, which was never released, can be found on the sophomore album of Jordan Sparks.

With the album release date drawing nearer, Fefe is inviting her devoted fans (aged 21+) to a showcase in New York City on August 11th.

To be a part of this exclusive offer, fans must be a member of her brand new, official, fan website: http://www.Bestfan.com

Here, fans can register (for free),then send their name, age and e-mail address to the ‘fan mail’ section of Fefe’s profile page (www.bestfan.com/fefedobson)

Here is Fefe’s latest blog, regarding the contest:


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More Grammy Drama… Chris Brown and Rihanna


I am VERY disappointed with the news reporting of Chris Brown and Rihanna. I like both Rihanna (aka FeFe Dobson Style taker) and Chris. In fact, I actually had the pleasure of meeting Chris Brown during Grammy weekend a few years ago and I thought he was a very polite young guy. Regardless of what is really going on, I would have hoped as entertainers they would have handled the situation privately. I am not excusing Chris if he indeed hit Rihanna; however, I think the matter should have been handled discretely. Originally MTV reported that the two were involved in a car accident similar to last year, now it is reported that Chris and Rihanna were in a physical altercation..

Because the story is still being reported and we can expect constant updates, I have decided to link to one of the blogs that I like to go to for credible information. The folks over at www.TheYBF.com seem to be doing a great job at reporting on the story, so please feel free to stay up-to-date as it all onfolds by clicking here.

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Lady Gaga Thanks Christina Aguilera For Their Similar Style!


A while back I blogged about Rihanna possibly jacking FeFe Dobson’s (FeFe vs. Rihanna) style. Since that time, I have read several other stories involving other celebrities (i.e. Beyonce vs. Kylie, Beyonce vs. Jennifer Lopez) possibly doing the same. Well as I was cruising some of my favorite blogs, I came across yet another celeb style match off between Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera. Not to give this to much attention, I did find it interesting.

According to Lady Gaga:
“She’s such a huge star and if anything I should send her flowers, because a lot of people in America didn’t know who I was until that whole thing happened.

According to Christina Aguilera:
“This person [Lady Gaga] was just brought to my attention not too long ago.”

You be the judge and feel free to read the complete story and full quotes at Celebitchy.

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Rihanna Possibly In The Remake Of The Last Dragon???


I heard some chatter about Rihanna possibly starring in the remake of Berry Gordy’s “The Last Dragon”; however, like the chatter about Ashanti playing Dorothy in the remake of “The WIZ”, I let it go in one ear and out the other. Well, apparently, it seems that there is a chance we will see Rihanna on the big screen soon with Samuel L. Jackson.

According to a recent article (RZA Sets His Sights On Rihanna For Remake Of ‘The Last Dragon,’ Starring Samuel L. Jackson) posted on MTV.com, if RZA had his way, he’d have Rihanna star in his new film. The Wu-Tang Clan kingpin is co-producing a remake of the 1980s fan favorite with Samuel L. Jackson and told MTV News he’d like the sexy songstress to take on the role of video show host/singer Laura Charles. Prince once reportedly love interest Vanity originated the role in the 1985 flick, while Taimak tackled the lead character and her romantic interest, Bruce Leroy (a.k.a. Leroy Green).

I really like Rihanna although she jacked my girl FeFe Dobson’s style; however, I am not sure if she is the best choice. Than again, anything is better than Beyonce! I really like her as well, but not for this role. In fact, Christina Millian would be a hot choice…

For more on RZA’s campaign for Rihanna to star in The Last Dragon, check out MTV.com.


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Fefe Dobson is BACK! (Fefe vs. Rihanna)

It’s great to hear that Fefe Dobson has made it back on the scene after Rihanna jacked her swagger! Don’t get me wrong, I like Rhianna and further more LOVE Chrianna (Chris Brown and Rhianna couple status), but let’s be real…. everything about Rihanna is Fefe Dobson’s style!

If you don’t know who Fefe is educate yourself. If you didn’t know, Fefe Dobson’s “Watch Me Move” is the theme song to VH1’s The Cho Show.

Feel free to read all about Fefe’s story on Wikipedia. To hear the theme song for The Cho Show click here.

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