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The Alisa Reyes Show on Blog Talk Radio


Please be sure to tune in TODAY (June 24th @ 11:00AM PST) for The Alisa Reyes Show on Blog Talk Radio. The Alisa Reyes Theme Song was produced by Will Gill of MTV Real World: Hollywood and it was co-written by Alisa, Will, and FIRE House Management who also serves as Excutive Producer of both The Alisa Reyes Show and Alisa’s Adventures.

For a sneak peak of Alisa’s Adventures, make sure to check out Alisa Reyes’ Red Carpet Interviews.

To find out more about Alisa Reyes log on to www.AlisaReyes.com. To learn more about Will Gill and FIRE House Management, log on to www.WillGillOnline.com or www.FIREHouseManagement.com.

You may also follow Alisa, Will, and FIRE House Management on Twitter.


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As discussed in my last blog, in the upcoming weeks, I am going to write about a few of the artists that I work with. I thought I would start with DJ Fembot. Although I try to give my artists equal time and I never like to make a difference, I must say that Marta aka Fembot is truly a pleasure to work with. Although we have not had an opportunity to really fully start our business relationship, I am super excited about working with her in the future. She is one of the few artists that gets it. She is sweet, a pleasure to be around, and the girl has style. Her remix of Katie Perry’s I kissed a girl was huge on the internet. For more information regarding DJ Fembot and some of her remixes that have been released for artists including Ladytron and MelissaX, please make sure to visit www.DJFembot.com.


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My Week and The Launch Of TamulaOnline.com


Wow! I blinked and I missed a whole week. Unfortunatly, I was not able to blogg this past week and I truely apologize. This week was very hectic for me as I had a photo shoot with two of the artists (Alisa Reyes and DJ Shortee) I manage and I spent a considerable amount of time this week doing research preparing to lauch my personal branding campaign. I am very excited to see where my personal branding campaign takes me. I am hoping once I launch my personal branding campaign it will boost my company FIRE House Management. Although, I have not officially launched my website www.TamulaOnline.com, I was able to place a holder page which includes my business website and other social media sites that I am a part of. In the next couple of weeks, I will talk more about my personal branding journey, my artists, and continue to bring you the corkey stories and pop culture that I love to talk about.

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DJ Micro Re-Caffeinated

This week my blog is dedicated to MUSIC. I decided to do a DJ series since along with fashion the DJ LIFEstyle is a big part of my ever day world. Most of my days consist of keeping things in order for an eclectic mix of artists that I work with through my boutique management firm FIRE House Management (www.FIREHouseManagement.com). I primarily work with DJs and image consultants, so as you can imagine my days are pretty fulfilling. Yes it is an odd mix; however, it allows me to merge my passion for music and fashion. Aside from typical management services, I also offer media management to a very few select DJs including DJ Micro.

About DJ Micro
Internationally acclaimed as one of the US’s premiere dance music producers and re-mixers there are few artists who can match DJ Micro’s credentials. Once described by URB Magazine as the “Techno Maestro”, Micro’s versatility, smooth mixes, and superb sense of dance rhythms have propelled him to the top of the electronic music world.

Nominated by DJ Times as “America’s Best DJ” and by the Club Music Awards for the “Best DJ Set” in 2008, Micro is no stranger to the international dance music scene. Playing to thousands of party-goers worldwide, he has performed in countries including Japan, England, Canada, and Brazil to name a few. To date, Micro has sold over half million albums and has produced a successive string of hits for some of the worlds most respected electronic dance labels including his own, Caffeine Recordings. Micro’s new smash hit single “Inside of Me” featuring Artificial is exclusively available at Beatport.com.

For more information on DJ Micro and his upcoming tour dates please visit www.DJMicro.com
For booking contact Michelle at www.DJAgent.com.

To download Micro’s press kit including his latest DJ Times article please click:

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