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More Grammy Drama… Chris Brown and Rihanna


I am VERY disappointed with the news reporting of Chris Brown and Rihanna. I like both Rihanna (aka FeFe Dobson Style taker) and Chris. In fact, I actually had the pleasure of meeting Chris Brown during Grammy weekend a few years ago and I thought he was a very polite young guy. Regardless of what is really going on, I would have hoped as entertainers they would have handled the situation privately. I am not excusing Chris if he indeed hit Rihanna; however, I think the matter should have been handled discretely. Originally MTV reported that the two were involved in a car accident similar to last year, now it is reported that Chris and Rihanna were in a physical altercation..

Because the story is still being reported and we can expect constant updates, I have decided to link to one of the blogs that I like to go to for credible information. The folks over at www.TheYBF.com seem to be doing a great job at reporting on the story, so please feel free to stay up-to-date as it all onfolds by clicking here.


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M.I.A. At The Grammy’s…


Okay, I really like M.I.A.; however, WHAT was she thinking? Just think, her baby was due today! I did like her performance with Jay-Z, T.I., Lil Wayne, and Kayne West.

UPDATE: M.I.A. reportedly went into labor last night after the Grammy Awards

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::The Lifestyle Loft:: Social Rendezvous Pre-Grammy Mixer At The Beverly Hills Hilton

Yesterday along with my partner Taj Tashombe, I gave the first of what I hope to be a series of Social Rendezvous called The Lifestyle Loft hosted by celebrity designer Melody Ehsani. The event started out a bit shakey as we gave the event poolside at The Beverly Hills Hilton prior to the infamous aned most anticipated Pre-Grammy party, which is the Clive Davis Party. However, it turned out to be really nice. Everyone in attendance expressed what a great time they had. I am definitely not the party promoter, but I am excited to do more events in the future. I will post the video and professional photos as soon as I receive them. In the meantime, make sure to visit Melody Ehsani online at www.MelodyEhsani.com to check out some HOT shoes and jewelry or Taj Tashombe at www.TajTashombe.com. I have yet to launch www.TamulaOnline.com, but it will happen soon…

tamula-and-friends tamula-and-dj-k-sly michelle-at-large-ent-will-gill-mtv-and-friend hostess-melody-ehsani-and-guests1

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Usher Cancels Pre-Grammy Performance Due To Tamika’s Complications After Cosmetic Surgery in Brazil


Reports have surfaced that Usher cancelled his performance at Clive Davis’s Pre-Grammy party due to “serious” complications that wife Tamika suffered while having cosmetic surgery in Brazil. The original reports were that she passed away, but now Access Hollywood is reporting that she did suffer complications.

Considering Tamika’s age, I think it is very sad that she felt the need to turn to the knife so soon. It has not been reported what type of procedure she is having, however, most of the time cosmetic surgery is for vanity reasons and not necessary other than for self-esteem. My only hope is whatever she was having done was for herself and not because of outside influences.

The story is still developing, but it’s been reported a neurosurgeon is on the way to South America. For complete details, please click here.

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