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HBO’s True Blood Music: Chuck Prophet “You Did”

I heard this song at the end of True Blood’s second episode season two and I had to hear the full version. I think it’s HOT!


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HBO’s True Blood Recap: Episode 1, Season 2


Wow! It is great to see that HBO’s True Blood has so many fans now. The premier of season two has generated allot of Buzz. So many people are talking about the second seasons first episode that True Blood made Twitter’s top 10 list of the most talked about topics the following day. Depending on your time zone, True Blood actually debut right as the NBA Play-offs were ending. It would be really interesting to see how many viewers tuned out to start watching True Blood.

I do not remember there being this much buzz about season one, but I am glad to see that so many people are talking about season two. Aside from America’s new obsession with Vampires, True Blood is truly a great show. For those that missed season one, I hope that you are able to catch on. A couple of weeks ago I posted a great recap video, “Taste of True Blood” by the show’s creator, Alan Ball. The summary is great and it allows fans a opportunity to quickly learn about what happened in season one. For those living under a rock who may have missed the first episode of season two, the Los Angeles Times posted a superb recap. Please make sure to read it and watch the next episode.

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Brother And Sister On The Showtime Hit Series Dexter Marry In Real LIFE!


Like most people, I was shocked when I read the news regarding Jennifer Carpenter and Michael C. Hall who plays the title character on the hit series Dexter getting married. I was not shocked at the fact that they play brother and sister on Dexter; however, I was taken back because I really thought there was a possibility that both were gay in real LIFE!

If you remember, Michael C. Hall was more than convincing as a gay man on the popular HBO drama Six Feet Under. If you have ever seen The Exorcism of Emily Rose or watched an episode of Dexter, you would also probably agree that Jennifer Carpenter mannerisms aren’t exactly feminine. I know I know it’s why they call it acting… I am still shocked, but needless to say happy for the newlyweds as I enjoy watching both of them as actors.

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Can You Believe HBO’s Oz debut in 1997???

Oz is back on HBO! Well, kinda….

HBO began running repeats of Oz over the weekend. Can you believe it has been over 10 years since Oz debut on HBO??? Do you realize Oz was the first one-hour drama ever produced by HBO?

I am sure you remember Adebisi, Warden Leo Glynn, Miguel Alvarez, Augustus, Kareem Said, Tobias, Vern Schillinger, Sister Peter Marie, Ryan and Cyril O’Reily, The Poet, Dr. Gloria Nathan, and Chris Keller.

Reflecting back on the cast members, Oz showcased and launched the careers of many well-know actors. Many of the actors who played inmates on the show also played police officers on other series. In fact, Oz starred four cast members of “Law and Order: SVU” including Christopher Meloni, Dean Winters, B.D. Wong, and J.K. Simmons. Other notable actors that have appeared on Oz include Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (Mummy 2), David Zayas (Dexter), Dean Winters, Edie Falco (Sopranos), Edward Herrmann, Ernie Hudson, Harold Perrineau (Lost), Kirk Acevedo, Lee Tergesen, Method Man, Rick Fox, Rita Moreno (Ugly Betty), Sandra ‘Pepa’ Denton of Salt and Pepa, and Luke Perry (Jeremiah).

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