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Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ to be Preserved in US Film Registry

Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” video was selected by the National Film Preservation Board as the first ever music video to be named to the National Film Registry of the Library of Congress. The library selects films that are “culturally, historically or aesthetically” significant after reviewing hundreds of titles nominated by the public and consulting with the National Film Preservation Board. As one of 25 films to be inducted for preservation, the John Landis directed Thriller video will join our nation’s treasures in the world’s largest archive of film, TV and sound recordings along with 1979 “The Muppet Movie” which was the first time Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy graced the big screen.



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Michael Jackson Ghost At Neverland During CNN Interview???

Words cannot describe the feeling that I felt as I watched this video. Although I missed the shadow figure the first time I watched the video, I still felt a tremendous feeling take over my spirit. I replayed the video and the feeling that I had shook my soul deeply. Not sure how true this video is, whether it’s been doctored, or if I am still overwhelmed with grief about Michael Jacksons passing, but I am definitely spooked! Some say it is just a shadow. I am not sure, but I can tell you m heart beats very heavy each time I watch this video and I am not the scary type… PLEASE R.I.P. Michael Jackson.

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Michael Jackson “This Is It” Lenticular Concert Tickets


Should I request a refund or the special Michael Jackson lenticular ticket?

What a dilemma! I have patiently waited to hear about the refund policy for the Michael Jackson “This Is It” tour, but I did not expect to hear that Ticketmaster would also offer an option to receive your actually ticket in lieu of a refund. I am a bit torn as to what I am going to do, but I think I may opt to receive a refund for one ticket and a lenticular ticket for the other. I will either keep the ticket as a souvenir or do what everyone else is doing… sell it on EBay.

There is the potential of 1 million lenticular tickets (50 sold out shows in which 20,000 people could attend). Even if only 10% claim their tickets, that’s still 100,000 tickets floating around. I am not sure how valuable the ticket will be, but I think if anything it would be a great piece of memorabilia and history.

About the lenticular ticket
The tickets printed with the special lenticular process, were inspired and designed by Michael Jackson for the fans attending his shows. This is the actual “oversized” concert ticket, measuring 82mm x 186mm (3.23in x 7.32in) for the 50 This Is It shows at The O2. His hopes were his fans would want to keep the special ticket as a reminder of the memorable evening that they would share together.

The lenticular concert tickets feature one of eight unique designs printed via the lenticular printing process. Lenticular printing is a 3D process that can contain animation, multiple photos, morphing or a combination of these. The front of the ticket is the lenticular image and the reverse side is the standard ticket detail including the performer name, tour name, show date, venue, section number, row number, and seat number.

*Ticket images are not to scale and are a still image snapshot of the actual moving image represented on the concert ticket.


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Michael Jackson’s “Dome Project”


There is chatter regarding Michael Jackson’s final video project known as the “Dome Project.” Apparently, Michael Jackson just finished an elaborate video production for his “This Is It” tour about two weeks before he died. The project has been called a high-tech show in which 3D images inspired by his “Thriller” era would flash behind him as he performed during his upcoming concert. Filmed over a five-week period at Culver Studios, four sets were constructed, including a cemetery similar to the one used in Jackson’s “Thriller” video. The project which is now in post-production is expected to be completed July 15.

UPDATE: Michael Jackson Dead at 50


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Breaking News: Michael Jackson Has suffered Cardiac Arrest! DEAD AT 50!

WOW… this is VERY sad news… Los Angeles local news KTLA is reporting that singer Michael Jackson has been rushed to UCLA Medical Center by ambulance suffering from cardiac arrest and was not breathing when the paramedics arrived.

UPDATE: LA Times, CNN, etc are reporting that Michael Jackson is Dead!

I never thought I would be as upset as I am about the news of Michael Jackson passing, but right now I am very upset… many of you know that I have tix to see him in London and I was so happy! For those of you that thought he was a weirdo… as someone who is often called a weirdo myself… F*CK YOU!

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My Experience Buying Michael Jackson Tickets For His London Show And Why I HATE Ticketmaster!


I got up at 10 minutes to midnight and it is now 7:15AM. After HOURS of trying to purchase Michael Jackson tickets online through HORRIBLE Ticketmaster, I can finally report I have two tickets. To date, I have only purchased one concert ticket in my life. I have attended many concerts and shows in my life time from Britney Spears to MC Hammer (Can’t Touch This), but fortunately, I have never paid. So, for me I am in shock regarding my experience purchasing Michael Jackson ticket. I am sure you are probably thinking what “experience”?

Well, I believe Ticketmaster’s system crashed this morning. As always, they could not handle the demand. It was so bad I received another email from www.MichaelJacksonLive.com informing me to hang in there because the demand was high. Each time I entered my preregistration code on the Ticketmaster site, I received an error message stating to wait 15 minutes for processing. Unfortunately, after the 15 minute wait that really was 30 minutes, the screen would return another error message. Some of the messages included:

(0x100084) If you submitted an order, and are not sure if it went through, please check Order History or contact Customer Service.

Sorry, no exact matches were found, but other tickets may still be available.

Your code is not valid

At one point I even tried calling. Yes, I called the UK! Of course I kept receiving the busy signal. After receiving several variations of the messages above and the session simply timing out, I finally was able to find tickets; HOWEVER, I was given two minutes to purchase the tickets and then another two minutes to enter my credit card/address information. As fast as I type, that still was not quick enough. I missed out on 3 sets of tickets because I did not enter my information fast enough.

Seven hours later and at least 200 instant messages later (talking to a friend in the UK who was trying to get seats), I FINALLY found a great pair of tickets. Although they are not on the floor and considering they are not in the balcony, I am happy. I guess… My logic is simple, floor seats are great, but they may be too hectic at a Michael Jackson concert. Balcony seats are NOT an option. Why go to a concert to watch a jumbo screen??? You can wait and watch snippets on Youtube in the comfort of your own home if that was the case. Talk about over Exposed To LIFE Ticketmaster!

To Sell Or Not To Sell Is The Question.
Interesting thought! As of now, I am keeping my tickets, but I can ensure you that I will keep an eye on the market and my options. My friend in London was able to grab four tickets, but they are in the balcony. I am going to keep a close eye on her situation and how much she is able to sell two of her tickets for before making a move.

Ticketmaster is the WORST.
The only thing I will say about Ticketmaster is this – I have only been fired from two jobs my entire life. One of them was Ticketmaster. I believe I was maybe 19 years of age when I worked for them. I remember if was in between the time I transferred from one college to the next. To date, they are still the worst employer I have ever had. I hate Ticketmaster and I am waiting on the day someone runs them out of business. Interesting enough, there is a great article about No Doubt and Gwen Stefani’s recent conflict with Ticketmaster. Click here to read the story. Check it out and let me know what you think of Ticketmaster.

As I Wrote On Twitter.com.
“7 hours later I have Michael Jackson tickets; HOWEVER, they are for the 23/24 shows… let’s hope his nose doesn’t fall off by than!”


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Michael Jackson “This Is It” LAST TOUR In London ONLY!


Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” final tour has been announced! Get this… he is doing 10 shows ONLY in London at the O2 Arena. Is this fair to Michael’s fans? Why London? Why not at least do one show on each continent? After all this is Michael Jackson and his fans are all over this planet! It is not fair… That’s like Prince announcing his last ever show would be in Tokyo or some place. Wait; speaking of Prince, didn’t he exclusively play 21 dates at the O2 Arena in 2007 as a part of his European tour. Like with Michael Jackson, I am not sure if you can call it a tour if you are exclusively at one venue, in one city, and in one country.

So far, I like the way they are marketing the tour. The press conference sums it all up with the crazed fans worshiping and hanging on to MJ’s every word. Also, the website www.MichaelJacksonLive.com is genius. It’s simple, clean, and has just enough information to keep you in suspense. As a huge fan of Will.I.Am, I love the Thriller interview he conducted interviewing some of today’s biggest recording artists including Quincy Jones, Mary J. Blidge, and Beyonce. The highlight of the website for me was the sizzle reel. As I sat, watched, and listened I was overwhelmed listening to all of Michael’s hits.

For those fans that want to purchase tickets, good luck as it seems to be next to impossible. Fans have to register just for pre-sale tickets. I know I have… For those that are not interested in going to London for the show, if nothing else, do yourself a favor and log on to the site and click the “listen” button on the right side. There are well over 25 of Michael Jackson’s hits ready for your listening pleasure. Treat yourself to some great memories.


UPDATE: Michael Jackson Dead at 50


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