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Pronouncing The Year 2010: ‘Twenty Ten’ vs. ‘Two Thousand Ten’

There seems to be an ongoing debut among experts about how to pronouce the year 2010. It is assummed coming off of two “thousand nine,” that people will probably say “two thousand ten.” However, the National Association of Good Grammar (NAGG) has decided to step in and let the masses know that 2010 should officially be pronounced “twenty ten” and all subsequent years should be pronounced as “twenty eleven,” “twenty twelve,” etc. Contray to NAGG, David Crystal, author of the Cambridge Encyclopedia of the English Language has predicted that the change of pronunciation to “twenty X” will not occur until 2011. He believes in 2011 people will say “twenty eleven,” because the way people pronounce years depends on rhythm, rather than logic. He also claims that the rhythm or “flow” of “two thousand and ten,” beats that of “twenty ten,” but the flow of “twenty eleven” beats “two thousand and eleven.”


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