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1-18-09! The Cookies Will Crumble: Manning Brothers vs. Williams Sisters Oreo DSRL Showdown

Get in on the action today (1-18-09) as it all goes down with Eli, Serena, Peyton, and Venus. It’s an old school showdown as the Manning Brothers vs. Williams Sisters reaches a new level of competition.

If you missed the action from the beginning check it out here. To learn why the cookies will crumble, click here.

Side note: Why does Serena look so short compared to everyone. I have met Serena in person and seen her on several occasions. She looks much bigger on TV; however, she is nicely toned and fit.


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Manning Brothers vs. Williams Sisters New OreoDSRL Commercial

I love the new OreoDSRL commercial featuring Venus, Serena, Eli, and Peyton. It’s a great concept not to mention the girls look great.

Let the rivalry begin!


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Pregnant woman: Jags’ Northcutt set up assault

Wide receiver allegedly arranged for cousin to harm unborn child, woman

When I came across the above headline, I had an eerie feeling. My first thought was not Dennis… than I thought, here we go again! Do you remember former NFL Carolina Panther Rae Carruth? In 2001, Carruth was found guilty of conspiring to murder his girlfriend and is currently serving a minimum 18 year prison sentence.

Dennis is a good guy and I find it hard to believe what he is being accused of; however, I do not put anything past anyone. His ex-girl who is actually TO’s publicist is a really cool girl and although I didn’t understand them as a couple, I do not want to see Dennis go down over some stupid girl!

Girls Groupies, stop putting yourself in these situations. Athletes, stop messing with these type of women and better yet, Protect Yourself! Stop being Exposed!

For the full Associated Press story, click here.

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