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Prince Music On YouTube, Not Happening!

Leave it to Prince to shut it down! For some strange reason, I was in the mood to hear Computer Blue by Prince from the Purple Rain album. Instead of logging into my iTunes or looking for my iPod, I thought I would look on YouTube. I often like to listen and watch the bootleg videos that people “remix” for lack of a better word on YouTube. After searching and searching, I finally came across a Computer Blue video. Eagar to play the song and watch the video, I immediately turned up my volume. After noticing the video was playing, but I was unable to hear any sound I started double checking my settings. Not able to figure out the problem, I went to another Prince video; however, it was the same thing. I proceeded to check 4-5 random videos and not hearing anything, I closed my browser and started another one. I heard sound coming from a few incorrect key strokes, so I thought “okay” it must be a YouTube thing. Finally I started reading and I came across comments like the following:

“Next time don’t type in the words “PRINCE” or the name of his song, or that little arrogant bitch will send his lawyers to have youtube either pull the video, or strip it of his copywrighted sound.”

“I love Prince’s music too, but these tactics are like “Fuck You” to the fans that actually want to hear his music!”

“make an official prince channel!”

“holy shit. i just posted a v ideo of an acoustic cover of “when doves cry” and in less than 5 hours they posted me a copyright infringement notice. It’s a bit stupid i think.”

“Hi if you want to watch when doves cry with sound go to google videos. It has not been removed (well not yet any way)”

The above comments were “tamed” compared to others. I did not go to Google as one YouTube viewer suggested; however, I did rediscover www.imeem.com and was able to find an extended version of Computer Blue/Darling Nikki. The extended version is Awesome and I will definitely look to purchase it. In addition, their player played all the old Prince cuts including The Time and Vanity 6.

I have NO COMMENT on Prince’s or Warner Brothers tactics. I think Prince is GENSIS, but at the same time as a fan it’s a bit discouraging.


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Michael Jackson “This Is It” LAST TOUR In London ONLY!


Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” final tour has been announced! Get this… he is doing 10 shows ONLY in London at the O2 Arena. Is this fair to Michael’s fans? Why London? Why not at least do one show on each continent? After all this is Michael Jackson and his fans are all over this planet! It is not fair… That’s like Prince announcing his last ever show would be in Tokyo or some place. Wait; speaking of Prince, didn’t he exclusively play 21 dates at the O2 Arena in 2007 as a part of his European tour. Like with Michael Jackson, I am not sure if you can call it a tour if you are exclusively at one venue, in one city, and in one country.

So far, I like the way they are marketing the tour. The press conference sums it all up with the crazed fans worshiping and hanging on to MJ’s every word. Also, the website www.MichaelJacksonLive.com is genius. It’s simple, clean, and has just enough information to keep you in suspense. As a huge fan of Will.I.Am, I love the Thriller interview he conducted interviewing some of today’s biggest recording artists including Quincy Jones, Mary J. Blidge, and Beyonce. The highlight of the website for me was the sizzle reel. As I sat, watched, and listened I was overwhelmed listening to all of Michael’s hits.

For those fans that want to purchase tickets, good luck as it seems to be next to impossible. Fans have to register just for pre-sale tickets. I know I have… For those that are not interested in going to London for the show, if nothing else, do yourself a favor and log on to the site and click the “listen” button on the right side. There are well over 25 of Michael Jackson’s hits ready for your listening pleasure. Treat yourself to some great memories.


UPDATE: Michael Jackson Dead at 50


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Rihanna Possibly In The Remake Of The Last Dragon???


I heard some chatter about Rihanna possibly starring in the remake of Berry Gordy’s “The Last Dragon”; however, like the chatter about Ashanti playing Dorothy in the remake of “The WIZ”, I let it go in one ear and out the other. Well, apparently, it seems that there is a chance we will see Rihanna on the big screen soon with Samuel L. Jackson.

According to a recent article (RZA Sets His Sights On Rihanna For Remake Of ‘The Last Dragon,’ Starring Samuel L. Jackson) posted on MTV.com, if RZA had his way, he’d have Rihanna star in his new film. The Wu-Tang Clan kingpin is co-producing a remake of the 1980s fan favorite with Samuel L. Jackson and told MTV News he’d like the sexy songstress to take on the role of video show host/singer Laura Charles. Prince once reportedly love interest Vanity originated the role in the 1985 flick, while Taimak tackled the lead character and her romantic interest, Bruce Leroy (a.k.a. Leroy Green).

I really like Rihanna although she jacked my girl FeFe Dobson’s style; however, I am not sure if she is the best choice. Than again, anything is better than Beyonce! I really like her as well, but not for this role. In fact, Christina Millian would be a hot choice…

For more on RZA’s campaign for Rihanna to star in The Last Dragon, check out MTV.com.


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The Big 5-0 for Michael Jackson, Madonna, and Prince


Yesterday I saw one of those all to familiar photos of Michael Jackson looking like a man on a mission to the craziest house. The caption of the photo was “Michael Jackson turns 50!” After laughing at the photo, I realized wow MJ, Madonna, and Prince all turned 50 this year. I don’t know about you, but that is mind boggling to me. What’s even more crazy is the fact that MJ at one point ruled the world of music… today Madonna is still vogueing and of course Prince is the MAN!

For a great analysis on their milestones and what it says about us make sure to check out TheRoot.com.

UPDATE: Michael Jackson Dead at 50

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My “Prince” Experience

Prince at LAX

Prince at LAX

I have had the pleasure of meeting Prince a couple of times. Until you have had the opportunity to be in his presence, you would never understand the above photo.

In my eyes Prince is the man and there is no one in the music business close to his status. Growing up at the height (no pun intended) of the careers of Prince, MJ, and even Madonna there was always the debate of Michael Jackson vs. Prince. I admire and respect both, but to me it is clear who ultimately won that battle. At age 50, Prince has managed to stay on top of his game and look good at it! Did you see Prince’s Super Bowl Performance????

Exposed to LIFE Prince. A few months ago my friend Rashida who is Prince’s personal DJ and I went out to see DJ AM and Jazzy Jeff. Prince decided to meet Rashida at the club we were going to. As I was enjoying DJ AM’s mash up set, Prince leaned over to me and out of no where says “so, do you like Radiohead”. The question stuck me as odd since it appeared to come out of thin air. Living in Prince’s world, giving details is not tolerated, so all I will say is this… Although odd, his question was sure genius for many reasons and on several levels. Keep in mind he asked me before Coachella! Read about Prince vs. Radiohead right here.

I am sure you don’t get it. No worries. Understanding Prince is something only a chosen few are privileged to.

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