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My “Prince” Experience

Prince at LAX

Prince at LAX

I have had the pleasure of meeting Prince a couple of times. Until you have had the opportunity to be in his presence, you would never understand the above photo.

In my eyes Prince is the man and there is no one in the music business close to his status. Growing up at the height (no pun intended) of the careers of Prince, MJ, and even Madonna there was always the debate of Michael Jackson vs. Prince. I admire and respect both, but to me it is clear who ultimately won that battle. At age 50, Prince has managed to stay on top of his game and look good at it! Did you see Prince’s Super Bowl Performance????

Exposed to LIFE Prince. A few months ago my friend Rashida who is Prince’s personal DJ and I went out to see DJ AM and Jazzy Jeff. Prince decided to meet Rashida at the club we were going to. As I was enjoying DJ AM’s mash up set, Prince leaned over to me and out of no where says “so, do you like Radiohead”. The question stuck me as odd since it appeared to come out of thin air. Living in Prince’s world, giving details is not tolerated, so all I will say is this… Although odd, his question was sure genius for many reasons and on several levels. Keep in mind he asked me before Coachella! Read about Prince vs. Radiohead right here.

I am sure you don’t get it. No worries. Understanding Prince is something only a chosen few are privileged to.


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