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Steve Aoki “I’m In The House” Feat. [[[Zuper Blahq]]]

Vodpod videos no longer available.

LOVE this video from two of my kindergarden crushes Steve Aoki and Zuper Blahq. I see you Will!


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Steve Aoki aka Kid Millionare Interview w/ Hypebeast

One of my favorite conversations is analyzing DJs. Steve Aoki who has been the topic of countless conversations when I am talking about the DJ world is one of the DJs that I have a love/hate relationship with. I love this guy, but he irks me at times. Aoki is a great entertainer and for the most part I love everything about him. I like the indie music he breaks, I love Dim Mak, and I appreciate his energy and spirit. HOWEVER, as a DJ, he sometimes makes me mad. I have seen this guy DJ countless times in several cities. In fact, more than likely I will see Aoki perform with Felix Da Housecat another guy I have a love/hate relationship with at the Get Load In The Park Festival in London late August. My biggest issue with Aoki is that at times he is all over the place with his song selection as a DJ. No question he plays hot music, but at times he seems to lose the flow. Aside from that, this guy is great!


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Will.i.am DJed At LAX Nightclub With DJ AM, A-Trak, and Steve Aoki!


Sunday night I jumped at the chance to see DJ AM, A-Trak, and Steve Aoki DJing at LAX Nightclub in Los Angeles. Although it wasn’t the best night due to the fact that I lost my cell phone, I had a great time hanging out with my good friend DJ Fembot. As a cancellation to losing my phone, I was happy that I had an opportunity to witness Black Eye Peas Will.i.am’s attempt to please the fake hipster crowd at LAX Nightclub.

Overall I give Will.i.am an A for effort and a B- for his performance. As someone who really likes Will.i.am, I admit I expected a flawless performance and I was a bit upset that he used CDJ’s as opposed to Technics 1200’s. As I watched him covered from head to toe in all black including an all black face mask that only gave you a slight glimpse of his eyes, which of course were covered with white-rimmed glasses, I saw a DJ of conviction. Will.i.am was hyped and his song selection was on point most of his set. As I watched him finagle his Serato and CDJ’s I couldn’t help but think he would break his computer stand as he grooved to his on mix. Admittedly, the only real flaw I saw with his set was at times he broke the flow. On some occasions he seemed to either kill the groove or mix a song that just didn’t match up. In fact, he did what I call a “Steve Aoki”. I love what Aoki offers. I like his style, his showmanship, and of course the fact that he breaks songs that simple drive the dance floor into a frenzy. What I don’t like about this guy is sometimes he is all over the place. I saw a small glance of this with Will.i.am.

A-Trak’s set started out with a bang and in fact I asked “Is that AM?” There were a few lack-luster moments and at times I thought “what”, but he definitely delivered at the end. As for DJ AM, I have seen him spin at least 15 times and I will NEVER have anything bad to say about that guy. Period! Respect the Technics 1200’s.


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Freak Beats Continue… Planet Patrol “Play At Your Own Risk”

Exposed to LIFE MORE FREAK BEATS… all I can say is WOW! As someone that works with DJ’s that spin all types of music I am truly amazed at where music has come from and where it is headed. Earlier this week I had a meeting at Thrive Records and I was given at least 20 CD’s, which was a treat for me. The CD’s included everything from Top 40 to Electro. If you do not know about Thrive Records they are the number one dance record label in the world. Artists that they have released CD’s for include Deep Dish, Steve Aoki, John Digweed, Sandra Collins, DJ Skribble, and Paul Oakenfold to name a few. In February 2009 they are releasing A-Track much anticipated CD. If you are not familiar with these DJ’s I suggest you do your homework as these are some of the highest paid DJ’s in the world. Aside from their DJ releases, Thrives party mixes usually sell millions. You may recall seeing some of their commercials. Nonetheless, music is truly inspiring and “Play At Your Own Risk” is nothing short of motivating!

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