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How I Spent My Valentine’s Day!

Tamu'la in Cancun


I woke up in somewhat of a somber mood. The night before, I found myself in an uncomfortable situation via text message with a guy who I like to call my Text Message BF. Well, after a restless night, I woke up and decided to be productive. After all, I have things to do (i.e. Taxes, clean, food shopping, etc) and of course hit the gym as I always do on Saturday mornings. After moving slow, I finally made it to the gym and from there to Trader Joe’s to do some food shopping. I never made it to Whole Foods or Ralphs which or the other two stores I shop at. Instead I ran a quick errand and came home. Once home, I watched the NBA Slam Dunk contest. Interestingly, this was a competition that I have been to several times. In previous years I always looked forward to attending the game.

Nonetheless, after a few hours I realized that NO ONE wished me a Happy Valentine’s Day, not even the Text Message BF. The only well wishes I received were from strangers and from my friend’s son in London via webcam. This made me reflect on a few things… I have NEVER been worried about being alone as I grew up an only child with no family other than my mom; however, I did reflect as to why I was alone. Am I possibly alone by choice? Am I that antisocial? Do I even make an effort? Do I even care? After a short time pondering the answer to these questions, I realized something very simple… I was too tired to come up with an answer. The fact is I am always too tired to socialize, make an effort to deal with men, and ultimate even care. My LIFE is filled with other activities that keep me busy. I spent my Valentine’s Day alone by choice! I just wished it was on an island near some wonderful water…



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Who is Tamu’la?


Wow, I am excited to learn that WordPress has given me (Tamu’la) a featured tag link. This is great as I am looking forward to doing great things in the future with both my own brand “Tamu’la” and with FIRE House Management.

For more information, check out www.TamulaOnline.com and www.FIREHouseManagement.com.

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::The Lifestyle Loft:: Social Rendezvous Pre-Grammy Mixer At The Beverly Hills Hilton

Yesterday along with my partner Taj Tashombe, I gave the first of what I hope to be a series of Social Rendezvous called The Lifestyle Loft hosted by celebrity designer Melody Ehsani. The event started out a bit shakey as we gave the event poolside at The Beverly Hills Hilton prior to the infamous aned most anticipated Pre-Grammy party, which is the Clive Davis Party. However, it turned out to be really nice. Everyone in attendance expressed what a great time they had. I am definitely not the party promoter, but I am excited to do more events in the future. I will post the video and professional photos as soon as I receive them. In the meantime, make sure to visit Melody Ehsani online at www.MelodyEhsani.com to check out some HOT shoes and jewelry or Taj Tashombe at www.TajTashombe.com. I have yet to launch www.TamulaOnline.com, but it will happen soon…

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