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Steve Aoki “I’m In The House” Feat. [[[Zuper Blahq]]]

Vodpod videos no longer available.

LOVE this video from two of my kindergarden crushes Steve Aoki and Zuper Blahq. I see you Will!


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Boom Boom Pow!!! Perez Hilton Cries A River About Getting Punched!!!


Leave it to Perez Hilton to cry about getting punched. Be a man “professional” and handle this situation with a bit more dignity! Perez talks so much stuff and finally gets stuffed in the face and all he can do is cry… womp, womp, womp!

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Perez Hilton vs. Will.I.AM… Was There A Fight???



UPDATE: PEREZ’s version of the story on TMZ

I was a little more than upset when I woke up this morning and read all the stories about Perez Hilton claiming that Will.I.AM and his security beat him up while in Toronto. Of all people, why would Perez start a smear campaign about Will.I.AM? This guy is a great guy who has managed to stay clean and does not invite the drama that Perez Hilton is throwing his way. There are many celebrities that take part in this kind of foolishness and who welcome it, so why would Perez mess with Will.I.AM… Maybe I am biased as I love Will.I.AM. I love his quirkiness and not to mention I have watched him go from being a dancer back in my day to becoming a great producer and artist. He is also becoming a great DJ. I know many of you do not get this guy, but I do. In fact he reminds me allot of myself… quirky, misunderstood, but more importantly, not afraid to be true to him no matter what people think.

I am not mad at that damn HATER Perez Hilton, but I am very disappointed that he doesn’t know how to handle himself. I know this guy is all about scandal, but are you that desperate for scandal and to add to the millions of dollars you already make by creating drama with Will.I.AM? Come on…

Perez claims via his Twitter site that he needed help because he had been assaulted by Will.I.AM and his security guards at the after party for the Much Music Video at the Soho Metropolitan Hotel in Toronto. He claims that he was bleeding, but yet Twitters the story as opposed to immediately calling the police. Apparently, there was no need to ass his fans were calling the Toronto police from as far as China to report what Perez was claiming on his Twitter page. Why are people so fascinated by this guy? I understand that scandal sells, but he is mean, nasty and clearly unhappy with himself. Most people that have that much to say or that much hate towards others are.

Will.I.AM explains the story in two videos…

Source 1

Source 2

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X-Men Origins: Wolverine Clawed The Competition At The Box Office


Although X-Men Origins: Wolverine was a bust with critics, movie goers begged to differ. The movie was an easy number with US movie goers, grossing $87 million, second best in the X-Men franchise to X-Men: The Last Stand which bought in $102 million opening weekend. Overseas the prequel grossed $73 million to bring its worldwide opening to exactly $160 million. Hopefully, the success of X-Men Origins: Wolverine may mark the beginning for another origins flick. There has been some chatter that producers have indicated that the Magneto storyline would fly off the desk and into production if Wolverine was successful.

I loved the Soloist with Jamie Foxx and Robert Downey Jr. I thought it was a true feel-good story; however, I was entertained by X-Men Origins: Wolverine. When the movie ended, the entire theater applauded. I thought it was well-written and had the perfect cast. As a huge Will.I.AM fan, I was a bit upset, but overall I give the movie a “A-“. Up next, Star-Trek!

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Will.i.am DJed At LAX Nightclub With DJ AM, A-Trak, and Steve Aoki!


Sunday night I jumped at the chance to see DJ AM, A-Trak, and Steve Aoki DJing at LAX Nightclub in Los Angeles. Although it wasn’t the best night due to the fact that I lost my cell phone, I had a great time hanging out with my good friend DJ Fembot. As a cancellation to losing my phone, I was happy that I had an opportunity to witness Black Eye Peas Will.i.am’s attempt to please the fake hipster crowd at LAX Nightclub.

Overall I give Will.i.am an A for effort and a B- for his performance. As someone who really likes Will.i.am, I admit I expected a flawless performance and I was a bit upset that he used CDJ’s as opposed to Technics 1200’s. As I watched him covered from head to toe in all black including an all black face mask that only gave you a slight glimpse of his eyes, which of course were covered with white-rimmed glasses, I saw a DJ of conviction. Will.i.am was hyped and his song selection was on point most of his set. As I watched him finagle his Serato and CDJ’s I couldn’t help but think he would break his computer stand as he grooved to his on mix. Admittedly, the only real flaw I saw with his set was at times he broke the flow. On some occasions he seemed to either kill the groove or mix a song that just didn’t match up. In fact, he did what I call a “Steve Aoki”. I love what Aoki offers. I like his style, his showmanship, and of course the fact that he breaks songs that simple drive the dance floor into a frenzy. What I don’t like about this guy is sometimes he is all over the place. I saw a small glance of this with Will.i.am.

A-Trak’s set started out with a bang and in fact I asked “Is that AM?” There were a few lack-luster moments and at times I thought “what”, but he definitely delivered at the end. As for DJ AM, I have seen him spin at least 15 times and I will NEVER have anything bad to say about that guy. Period! Respect the Technics 1200’s.


p1010073 p1010071


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Michael Jackson “This Is It” LAST TOUR In London ONLY!


Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” final tour has been announced! Get this… he is doing 10 shows ONLY in London at the O2 Arena. Is this fair to Michael’s fans? Why London? Why not at least do one show on each continent? After all this is Michael Jackson and his fans are all over this planet! It is not fair… That’s like Prince announcing his last ever show would be in Tokyo or some place. Wait; speaking of Prince, didn’t he exclusively play 21 dates at the O2 Arena in 2007 as a part of his European tour. Like with Michael Jackson, I am not sure if you can call it a tour if you are exclusively at one venue, in one city, and in one country.

So far, I like the way they are marketing the tour. The press conference sums it all up with the crazed fans worshiping and hanging on to MJ’s every word. Also, the website www.MichaelJacksonLive.com is genius. It’s simple, clean, and has just enough information to keep you in suspense. As a huge fan of Will.I.Am, I love the Thriller interview he conducted interviewing some of today’s biggest recording artists including Quincy Jones, Mary J. Blidge, and Beyonce. The highlight of the website for me was the sizzle reel. As I sat, watched, and listened I was overwhelmed listening to all of Michael’s hits.

For those fans that want to purchase tickets, good luck as it seems to be next to impossible. Fans have to register just for pre-sale tickets. I know I have… For those that are not interested in going to London for the show, if nothing else, do yourself a favor and log on to the site and click the “listen” button on the right side. There are well over 25 of Michael Jackson’s hits ready for your listening pleasure. Treat yourself to some great memories.


UPDATE: Michael Jackson Dead at 50


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X-Men Origins: Wolverine Trailer

Speaking of X-Men… I just LOVE Will.i.am! I would go see this movie anyway, but to see Will.i.am gives me more incentive…

will.i.am wolverine2 wolverinenewpics22

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