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What The Buck?!

This guy talks fast, but his show is hilarious. Make sure to check Buck out on YouTube or at BuckHollywood.com!


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Prince Music On YouTube, Not Happening!

Leave it to Prince to shut it down! For some strange reason, I was in the mood to hear Computer Blue by Prince from the Purple Rain album. Instead of logging into my iTunes or looking for my iPod, I thought I would look on YouTube. I often like to listen and watch the bootleg videos that people “remix” for lack of a better word on YouTube. After searching and searching, I finally came across a Computer Blue video. Eagar to play the song and watch the video, I immediately turned up my volume. After noticing the video was playing, but I was unable to hear any sound I started double checking my settings. Not able to figure out the problem, I went to another Prince video; however, it was the same thing. I proceeded to check 4-5 random videos and not hearing anything, I closed my browser and started another one. I heard sound coming from a few incorrect key strokes, so I thought “okay” it must be a YouTube thing. Finally I started reading and I came across comments like the following:

“Next time don’t type in the words “PRINCE” or the name of his song, or that little arrogant bitch will send his lawyers to have youtube either pull the video, or strip it of his copywrighted sound.”

“I love Prince’s music too, but these tactics are like “Fuck You” to the fans that actually want to hear his music!”

“make an official prince channel!”

“holy shit. i just posted a v ideo of an acoustic cover of “when doves cry” and in less than 5 hours they posted me a copyright infringement notice. It’s a bit stupid i think.”

“Hi if you want to watch when doves cry with sound go to google videos. It has not been removed (well not yet any way)”

The above comments were “tamed” compared to others. I did not go to Google as one YouTube viewer suggested; however, I did rediscover www.imeem.com and was able to find an extended version of Computer Blue/Darling Nikki. The extended version is Awesome and I will definitely look to purchase it. In addition, their player played all the old Prince cuts including The Time and Vanity 6.

I have NO COMMENT on Prince’s or Warner Brothers tactics. I think Prince is GENSIS, but at the same time as a fan it’s a bit discouraging.

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Youtube Tells The Story of How The Internet Started

When I came across this story about Youtube telling the history of the internet, I was eagar to read it. I have been known to tell the story about the guy (Tim Berners-Lee) who is credited with invented the world wide web which made it all possible for us to enjoy the internet. This guy revolutionized the world and it was some years later that before he was awarded a cash prize for all his accomplishments. I believe it was the equivalant of about 1 million dollars. Think about it, can you imagine LIFE without the internet? I know I can’t! I have been Exposed to LIFE through the internet. All my desires to travel have come true based on my ability to use the internet. I communicate with some of my closets friends in other parts of the world through the internet. I share my LIFE, my stories, my photos through this thing called the internet. LIFE without it, not sure where I would be.

For the full story and the history of the internet, click here. To learn more about Tim Berners-Lee, check out Wikipedia another invention due to the world wide web. Click here to see another great video about the history of the internet on Youtube.

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Super Sunday and Why Are Companies Wasting $3 million on Super Bowl Commercials While Laying Off Employees!

Well another national holiday has passed. For most including me, Super Sunday is a day of relaxing and celebration. There is just no other way to enjoy the big game. I was not as intense as I usually am since I didn’t place any bets. I also did not accept any phone calls yesterday and I stayed in the house all day even avoiding going to the gym. Those are both big tasks for me as I love the gym and I am never short of words.

I thought this year’s game was one of the best I can remember. Both teams had good story lines and it truly was a toss up. For a split second I did consider betting and I visited my favorite site MySportsBook.com; however, I ultimately decided to enjoy the game and pay more attention to the super bowl commercials. Watching commercials as opposed to betting… interesting choice. ha haa! The money lines were not good and the Steelers were favorite -6.5, so I would have needed to bet a whole lot of money to win anything. As for the commercials, they were not that good either. At least I did not think so.

I personally thought most of the commercials were “forgettable” with the exception of Godaddy.com, Gold4Cash.com, and Sobe. The Gold4Cash commercial was memorable because when I saw Ed McMahon and MC Hammer I couldn’t help but think WOW we are really in a recession. ha haa! As for the Sobe commercial, I was just embarrassed for Ray Lewis and all those players shaking around in there white tights. With so many people getting laid off from their job, I felt that most of the companies wasted $3 million dollars buying airtime, but nonetheless those commercials were definitely my favorites. I thought they did a great job at making me laugh. The funny thing is, I couldn’t remember any other commercials, so I decided to refresh my memory by reviewing a few of them online.

If you missed the Super Bowl and want to take a look at some of the commercials or even vote for your favorite Super Bowl Commercial, please log on to Youtube’s Ad Blitz’s 2009 Channel.

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Why Make A Fool Of Yourself on YouTube When You Can Get Paid To On CratenFire.com

CratenFire.com a newly launched website is offering a cash award of $1000. To enter the contest, members need to upload a video or image engaging in their hobby or talent. Once uploaded, the cash prize will be awarded to the user with the most votes. Please visit CratenFire.com for more information.

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Beyonce vs. Little Girl “Single Ladies” Video

I am not sure if this is cute! This little girl is basically imitating a grown women’s “suggestive” dancing.

What do you think?

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Warner Music Videos Removed From YouTube

Well, you learn something new everyday. According to a Los Angeles Times article, Warner Music Group’s videos began disappearing from YouTube this weekend. Apparently the casualty of a contract impasse between the music company and the Internets dominant video site.

Negotiations between the two broke down last week over licensing fees for Warner’s music and videos, say people familiar with the discussions who were not authorized to speak publicly. The first of the major labels to strike a licensing deal with YouTube, Warner negotiated their deal in 2006 setting the stage for the $1.65-billion acquisition of YouTube Inc. by search giant Google Inc. Under terms of YouTube’s contracts, the labels stand to collect either a minimum fee of less than a penny each time a music video is watched or a split of advertising revenue, whichever sum is greater. Warner Music Group is home to such acts as Madonna, Green Day, rapper T.I., Red Hot Chili Peppers, My Chemical Romance, Seal, and Linkin Park.

I had no idea that record labels collected a fee from YouTube.


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